free zone pics


Sonoyta has a great find – the first two pics of Natalie in the Israeli film Free Zone.

Pic 1
Pic 2

2005 might even be better than 2004 for Nat fans…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

A bunch of great new Hi Res pics have been added to the Evening Standard gallery. Thanks to Nat Empire.

Alex sent in this scan from the German mag, Cinema. It’s an old pic but it’s never looked this good.

The Oscar polls continue…

Here are the results of yesterdays one:

Ok, let’s get this one out the way…do you think Natalie will win on sunday?

Yes 62.21% (484 votes)

No 37.02% (288 votes)

Personally, I think she has a shot but she’s definitely the dark horse.

Anyway, this Nat pic because it looked “washed up”…I dunno about that but the results are quite cool.