thanks for all the fish


Let’s start with the site stuff, cos lets face it, we’re all pretty much bored of Nat by now.

That reminds me that we used to have a comic on this site. Well I’m still looking for someone to draw my scripts. So, if you have some interest and (most importantly) the ability, send me a line.

Also a photoshop contest reminder. We’ve only got a handfull of entries this week. Check sundays update for the contest pics. You’ve got till sunday!

A lot has been made of the moronic emails we get but sometimes we actually get good emails. Like this one, which I’ve decided to make as a new editorial.

Here are the results of yesterday’s poll:

Her latest role got her a nomination but should any of her earlier roles gotten her that nomination first?

Yes, For Leon 42.49% (198 votes)

Yes, For Garden State 26.61% (124 votes)

No 17.38% (81 votes)

Yes, For Anywhere But Here 7.08% (33 votes)

Yes, For Beautiful Girls 6.22% (29 votes)

The lack of BG love burns like the heat of a thousand suns!!!

And rounding off the site stuff, here is the new poll.

UPDATE – Ok, it should be working now.

The big news today is this cool new article with some fresh Nat quotes about Free Zone. Thanks to Sonoyta.

This article is great. Sigourney Weaver trying to convince her daughter to look up to people like Natalie. Thanks to Hopey and Linus.

This Canadian entertainment site has an online version of their magazine. The latest one has Nat on the cover and what looks to be a rehashed story. It was a bit annoying to try and navigate but I don’t think there’s anything new in there. Thanks to Dana.

People magazine are copying us (ok, it’s more like the other way around) with their very on “who should take Nat to the Oscars” poll. Gosling rocks! Thanks to Braffie.

I’m not sure why but ESPN are asking who the hottest celeb is. Nat could make second spot…with a bit of help. Thanks to Jorge.

And finally, here’s some more fanart.

Sniper sent in a wallpaper using one of the new Evening Standard pics.

While Roger F did the same with this wallpaper and threw in this one for good measure.

Guess those new pics are popular because Loleia also gets in on the action.

That’s all for now, ciao.