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Just a short update tonight, since it is the 3rd of the day.

Pnina found the full article, from my earlier update, from this site. Unfortunately that link is in Hebrew but lucky for us, Pnina was kind enough to translate it.

You can read the translation over here. Thanks Mart.

Also on the site is a video interview. It’s in Hebrew but it’s quite fun and certainly unique. Hopefully Kris can get that on our server sometime this weekend.

Ok, I’m sure you’re a bit dazed by that ut try and focus cos this next bit is important. We posted about the infamous kissing near the Wall report but I guess a lot of you didn’t see it because I’m getting tons of emails with links. So…yeah…we got it. Thanks.

But I’ve got to post this report on the incident. Since I can’t do an NP.comic, this will have to suffice. Warning, it will offend just about everyone. Click if you dare. Thanks to Hermund.

Here are the results of yesterdays poll:

Who do you think Natalie should go to the Oscars with?

Me 43.44% (149 votes)

Her parents 29.74% (102 votes)

Charlie 14.29% (49 votes)

Gael 6.41% (22 votes)

Mike Nicholls 5.25% (18 votes)

And finally, the new poll. Are you sick and tired of them yet? You are? Good!

Tune in tomorrow for another one.


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