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Hi again

Some more cool news that can’t wait for the evening update.

Dafna sent in a summary of an interview in Hebrew and included a couple pics that came with it.

She agreed to give an exclusive interview to an Israeli web site, but she wanted to do the entire interview in Hebrew, so I’ll tell you some things she said.

She is flying tonight (Friday) to L.A, for the oscars, she will present the award for short documentary film – alone. She’s coming with her parents to the ceremony and she hasn’t picked her dress yet! she said that when she’ll arrive on Saturday, she will see some dresses and will pick one.

And everything else she said was about living in Israel, and working here and stuff like that.

Also, she is filming “free zone” even today, it’s her last day of shooting and then she will fly to L.A.

and I’m sending you some pictures from the interview.

Thanks Dafna, and here are the pics….

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3



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