Oscar wrap up

Hey all

I hope none of you are too bummed about Nat not winning. Winning the Globe and being nominated for the Oscars at such a young age…well it’s more than I could have hoped for a year ago. I’m sure she’ll have plenty more chances to take home the gold, especially if she keeps picking great roles.

At least the media seemed to like her look a lot more than her Globes dress.

Carlo sent in this report from the Fashion Police.

And she also made People’s Best Dressed list. Thanks to Mark.

Melody will hopefully have the gallery up soon. Until then you can check out Wireimage and Getty’s Oscar galleries.

Apparently Gael was flirting around Nat last night but it if he wanted to rekindle the flame, he might be a bit late. An Israeli channel mentioned that Natalie is now dating that guy from the airport pics. His name is Liron Livo and he’s an Israeli actor who she possibly met while working on Free Zone. This may not be true but this picture speaks quite loudly.

Thanks to Cal, Amidoll and Oded for the info.

Now, I’ve got a few other bits and pieces to deal with. Like the photoshop poll. But I’m so damn tired. So, I’ll catch up on all the outstanding news tomorrow.

But there are two wonderful things that can’t wait.

The first is this reuters video, which interviews Nat on the set of Free Zone. Great stuff and thanks to MJ.

And finally, this gorgeous picture from sundays NY Times. Yowza. A big thanks to Bryan.


Ok, make that 3 wonderful things.

Ekyillia found a bunch of amazing pics from Free Zone.


Ok, I’ll catcha later.