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Melody has been a busy girl the last couple days. Let’s go through everything she’s done.

Free Zone filmography page updated.
V for Vendetta filmography page updated.
Episode 3 filmography updated by Sanji

Interview Gallery updated
V for Vendetta press conference gallery added
Lots of additions to the Oscar gallery

And finally, Melody found some more Free Zone “set” pics.

Thanks Melody!

The V for Vendetta site is up and has the entire press conference transcript.

I suggest you read the whole thing but here’s a very interesting segment.

Q to Natalie Portman: Evey goes through a very tough time, she is put in jail and subjected to torture, I was wondering how much of a method actress are you; will you be losing weight and shaving your head for the role?

NATALIE PORTMAN: I will be shaving my head and losing weight? not to a self endangering point, but I won?t be getting tortured at home. I will be going through a physical transformation.

Personally, I’m very happy that Natalie seems to be taking her acting more and more seriously. Closer was a big step for her and this sorta of commitment to a role…well, as someone who first became interested in Nat because of her acting ability, this is really exciting stuff. Yeah, ok, she’ll be bald for awhile but hair grows back. There are years and years of pictures in our gallery, with every haircut under the sun, so at the very least this will give us a brand new look. And hell, she’s been wearing wigs and extensions a lot recently so she might have fun with things like that once bald.

My excitement level is really going through the roof for this film. I haven’t read the novel but certainly like what I’m hearing. It’s also great to see that they’re sticking very closely to the source material, something I didn’t expect the studio to allow.

Anyway, it’s time for the new poll. I’m interested to see how this is going to go over with you all.

And here are the results of the last poll.

So…Nat and Liron…what do you think?

It’s none of my business. If she’s happy that’s great. 43.23% (278 votes)

But I was next in line! 24.57% (158 votes)

He looks bad news. 14.15% (91 votes)

The guys hot, they make a great couple. 10.11% (65 votes)

The guys hot, they make a terrible couple. 7.15% (46 votes)

Alright, that’s a wrap.