awkward silences


Things are a bit quiet this week. So today…well I don’t have much of anything. If next week is also quiet we’ll see about maybe putting up an editorial.

The one bright spark to today are some gorgeous Hi res pics from Tufkad, Chloie and Nat Empire.



Jamie found this little blurb about Nat and Liron.

Even though Natalie’s peeps won’t say, I know she’s up to somethin’ salivating with Liron Levo, the Jerusalem-born actor-hunk whom Ms. P. met on the set of her current flick, Free Zone. They attended the Oscars together. They’ve been photographed at airports overseas. They hang. And my Israel desk (oh yes, it exists) insists the two honeys are happy together.

A move up from Zach Braff, huh? Or was that always only in Mr. B.’s imagination? Mazel tov!

Of course they’re happy. The relationship is new…and look at them!

By now you should know Jeff Wells, we’ve linked to him often enough. Well his 16 year old kid has a column on his site as well. Click here to see what he has to say about Nat. Or don’t.

Remember that we stop taking photoshop submissions tomorrow.

Right, that’s about it. This weekend I want you to start a fight with a stranger…and tie.