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We’re hoping to have some more information (including screening info) for Domino One soon. There is actually a site up for it but it’s a bit bare bones at the moment. We do know that Nat’s role is the female lead, so it’s more than a cameo appearance. Thanks to NW.

Sounds like a good topic for a new poll

And now for the results of the last poll.

How do you feel about Nat possibly being overlooked for Indy 4?

Disappointed 34.13% (229 votes)

I’ll reserve judgement till I see how it turns out 31.15% (209 votes)

Scarlett will do just fine, thanks 19.08% (128 votes)

Relieved 14.75% (99 votes)

Another day, another language. This next article has some info from the set of V for Vendetta. Thanks to Steve M.

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN impressed everyone on the Berlin set of her latest film V FOR VENDETTA when she started speaking fluent German.

Unlike many actors, who would be silenced by the language barrier,
linguistic Portman, 23, immediately started communicating in the native language.

A source says, “She just turned up one day talking German. It has made her very popular with the Germans on the crew.”

The STAR WARS actress, educated at top American university HARVARD, is fluent in Hebrew, French and Japanese, as well as German.

V For Vendetta explores how different life would be if Germany had won World War II.

As far as I know, that last line is incorrect.

And 5 languages now? Crikey, I can barely handle english.

Nicole sent in a couple Oscar blurbs.

The first is about Nat pulling some strings to get a date for the big night.

In other fledgling romance news, how far did Natalie Portman go to secure a date for the Oscars?

Us reports the “Closer” beauty, 23, who lost the Best Supporting Actress prize to Cate Blanchett, pulled a few strings to ensure that Israeli actor Liron Levo, 33, would be by her side on the big night.

“They had only been dating a few weeks, but she wanted him to come,” an insider tells the mag of the tall, dark and handsome Levo, whom Portman met while shooting “Free Zone” in Israel. “She called Los Angeles’ Israeli Embassy many times to try and get him here.”

Portman, 23, who’s been romantically linked to Gael García Bernal and Zach Braff, eventually succeeded in getting Levo a temporary visa, and they made the scene together at Vanity Fair’s post-Oscar bash.

And Defamer has a little blurb.

The day before the Oscars was especially exciting with Natalie Portman with bodyguard and family entourage in Barney?s

The last bit of news is this new SW pic, in which Natalie is wearing an outfit made out of Barney’s dead body. Thanks to Orionsaint.

Fanart time.

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