part 2

Back like a ho.

Sonoyta made a nice find earlier. It’s Amos Gitai’s official site and on it is a page for Free Zone, which includes some more info and a couple new pics.

Shani found this interesting article from the Israeli paper, Yediot Ahronot.

Foreign minister, Silvan Shalom, met with Israeli-American movie actresses Natalie Pertman and tried to get her on board to the Israeli information effort.

The meeting was held Sunday, away from cameras. Portman, who asked that the meeting would remain confidential, came in and out of the foreign offices in Jerusalem from the back door.

The foreign minister talked to Portman about trying to bring to Israel Hollywood artists and trying to convince them to help in the Israeli information effort.

The foreign office hopes that the young, shining stars will help to expose Israel to a younger crowd.

Portman, who was born is Israel, grow up in the US and finished her first degree at psychology at the fancy Harvard University. For the last six month she stayed in Israel and studied Middle East studies in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Moreover, during her time in Israel she shot for a movie of Amos Gitaie, with Aki Avni and Hanna laslo.

In my earlier update I said I’d put up a new poll. Well that’s not gonna happen. It felt as though I hadn’t updated it in ages…when in reality, the current one has only been up a couple days. Doh.

I stumbled upon this nice Closer DVD review by Garth of Dark Horizons. Definitely worth a read if you have time.

And finally, a couple pieces of fanart.

Peter sent in this sketch of Natalie laughing at me.

While Matt sent in this ROTS inspired edit.