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Personally, I feel as though the new W Magazine shoot is one of her best ever. I can’t wait for proper scans and to see the cover. Not to mention some wallpapers from them.

But let’s see what you think in the new poll.

And here are the results of the last poll.

Do you think Natalie’s hat is cool? Click HERE to see hat!

That is not a hat. That is like a hair thing. 57.12% (626 votes)

Yes, I do think it is cool. 16.79% (184 votes)

It strikes me in a peculiar way that I cannot quite describe. (I think it’s okay.) 13.69% (150 votes)

No, I do not think it is cool. 11.77% (129 votes)

Before I forget, Melody has updated this gallery with several new pics.

Jose sent in this nice scan of the Gatopardo cover.

The webmaster of Kirsten-Dunst.org wanted draw my attention to these two Ebay auctions.

Glossy 1
Glossy 2

Now it’s time for another edition of “There are more Star Wars pics than there are grains of sand”. Once again, if you want to stay away from spoilers, cut out your eyes.

Padme’s book club
“It’s okay, two minutes was plenty. It gave me more time for housework.”
“I know. Two minutes…wow.”
“It’s the Jedi curse but if you’re willing to try, I think I can crack three minutes.”
Revenge of the afternoon nap
“Seriously, wake up! Let’s go for a walk.”
“Well if you’re going to insist on lying here, maybe I could just…it’ll only take three minutes…”

Marcela sent in a couple caps from Closer. Nothing that we really need to post. But after I looked at them…they compelled me to post.


I don’t think I ever posted a link to articles about Nat giving a contribution to the Hadassah hospital. That was because most of them foolishly claimed that Nat donated 50 million. Well this article get’s it right. Thanks to Crispin.

Eva found this cute little interview that doesn’t have anything too new but isn’t a total retread either.

Thanks again to Orionsaint and Liana.

Just a bit of fanart today.

Ami sent in this cool busy Leon wallpaper.

And finally, Isabella sent in these two wallpapers. Click here and here.

Goodnight. God Bless. Go to Hell.