rattling the cage


Let’s kick things off with a brand new np.comic. What inspired the idea for this comment was a couple emails I got from Star Wars fans who weren’t too happy about the SW joke at the end of the last strip. So, thanks for the inspiration guys.

NP.comic #3

I think Matt knocked it out the park. As always, feedback would be great 😛

Right, so what’s in the news today…

Well it seems Natalie won’t be in Cannes for Free Zone. It’ll just be for the ROTS screening, and then London for brief interviews and then to Austria for more V filming. Not too surprising because we know V is on an incredibly tight shoot.

Speaking of Cannes, here are the screening dates and times for Nat’s films…

“Free zone” will be officially presented in Cannes on thursday 19 at 10pm (and shown to the press the same day at 11:15am)

“Star Wars Episode III” will be screened on Sunday 15 at 7pm (at 8am for the press)

Thanks to Melody for all of the info.

JC found an article that has a nice Nat mention. Here’s the Nat excerpt…

But back to breasts.

The ideal of beauty and sex appeal needs to be expanded to encompass all body types. The media (force-feeding us concepts of beauty) are slowly coming to place less voluptuous women such as Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman next to the stereotypical sex icons such as Pamela Anderson.

I actually got an email from a girl who thought the boob joke in our first comic meant that I wished Nat had bigger boobs. So let me make it clear, they’re perfect the way they are and I’m glad smaller breasted girls are increasingly becoming “sex icons”.

The boob joke was a dig at men who think that way.

And finally, let’s dig into some fanart.

Amy was quick off the mark with the first two Teen People wallpapers.

G rated.
PG 13

Max sent in this warm W wallpaper.

And finally, a sweet wallpaper from Faye to round things off.

Check back tomorrow for a new poll among other things.