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Unfortunately, Nat will not be appearing on Letterman on the 17th. Her travel schedule is too crazy and the details couldn’t be finalised in time. However, Ben Stiller will be on instead and that’s just as good…not.

Maxim have released their HOT 100 and Natalie managed her usual “midtable” spot (42nd). I don’t think I want to live in a world where Lindsay Lohan is considered hotter than most of the girls on that list. Thanks to Eve.

*mental note: bash Lohan in an upcoming NP.comic*

Bongoman found a good sized scan of the shaved head pic.

And on that, Dark Horizon’s has a little article about the new bald craze (the what?).

Sonoyta found an interesting MSNBC look at Nat’s talent. Too cool for school? Idiots.

The Golden Trailer Award nominees are out and Garden State nabbed noms for Best Music and Most Original Trailer. The winners are announced later this month. Thanks to Amy.

Chris sent in this top 10 Star Wars babes list. I didn’t even know there where 10 females in the films!

Mycah sent in a couple new ROTS pics. Click here and here.

In a new Cosmo interview, Hayden admits that Nat smells nice. Thanks to Orionstaint. On that note, in a site exclusive, we’ve been able to get hold of Natalie’s scent. Click here to smell Nat’s scent.

And now for some scans from around the world.

Tele 7 Jours – French – thanks to JLS


Version Femina – French – thanks to iSimon

Article one

Ciné-Live – French – thanks to iSimon


Cinemania – Spanish – thanks to Rafi

AOTC pic 1
AOTC pic 2
AOTC pic 3
AOTC pic 4
AOTC pic 5

And now for some fanart.

Nannina sent in the first bald wallpaper.

Jamie sent in this great busy wallpaper.

Jedda Powers sent in this Padme sketch.

Bas made this lovely W wallpaper.

That’s all for now.