We’ve got a new NP.comic today. It’s the second Noel strip but don’t worry, the next strip is all about Nat. Thanks, as always, to Matt.

NP.comic #7

Kris sorted out the gallery problems so Melody has been back to work.

Cassablanca updated
Cannes photocall updated
Guys and Dolls added

Some new V for Vendetta pics have hit the net but there’s still no Natalie in them. Also be warned, they could definitely be considered spoilers.

Here’s an article with a little quote from Natalie about Ewan in Guys and Dolls and about her own musical prospects.

And finally, a VERY strange article about Jerry Springer crushing on Natalie. Thanks to JC.

I’ve got more and a lot of email to get through but once again my time is limited. I’ll be back tomorrow.