This could be my last update for awhile because tomorrow is PORTMANIA!!! Or more accurately, the start of Portmania. This annual event…nay…holiday…this annual holiday will, as always, be hosted by Sanjiro Jones. Fun will be had. Tears will be shed. Sanjiro will run naked through the streets. All in the name of Natalie and her 24 years on this planet (plus the 3 years she spent on the planet FUH where people don’t age).

As always, you’re all invited to contribute in some way. Portmania and birthday fanart, songs, movies, skits, human sacrifices…THEY’RE ALL WELCOME!

Ok, I think thats enough promotion. We don’t want to descend into crass commercialism like we did in 2003.

Just remember, Portmania is like Christmas without everything that makes Christmas Christmas. Got it? Great. Moving on.

*serious hat on*

A few weeks back I got an email from the guy behind and he obviously wanted me to give his site a mention. After some soul searching and a packet of peanuts I decided against it. While the site is not nearly as crazy and stalkerish as the url implies, it still leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. We know Nat has issues and concerns about fans who cross the line and we also know that there are tons of fans who want to have a personal relationship/meeting/sexual encounter with her. So I just felt that encouraging that sort of behaviour, even if its coming from a good place, was a bad idea.

But now I’ve changed my mind! Why? Because I’ve received a billion emails about it and if I get one more I’m going right over the bloody edge. So click the link above and see what the fuss is all about. Or, preferably, don’t.

While Natalie keeps quiet about her relationships, I guess its a lot harder for her boyfriends to do the same. Thanks to this Daily Mail article from Nat-ah-lee.

while the actress remianed low key at the after show party, her newly shorn hairstyle – which is for her next film v for vendetta – has been attracting much attention, not least from her camera dodging companion of the evening who revealed that the pair where dating. “yes i am her boyfriend”decleared the clearly struck chap who is a fellow actor from natalie’s native israel and is her first beau since she split with the motorcycles diaries actor gael garcia bernal. “look at her – she’s beautiful”

AICN has even more V for Vendetta pics from the London shoot. Once again, no Nat and heavy spoilers so click at your peril.

Nat is once again up for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian. You can vote over here. Thanks to Kent.

Speaking of polls, I can’t remember if I posted about this. Its Harpers and Queen list of 100 most beautiful women, compiled by 1000 experts. Natalie came in 17th. Thanks to Chris.

If its of any interest, Rick McCallum has a new Star Wars book coming out and Natalie has penned the introduction. Thanks to Fan11.

And finally some fanart. Man, how long has it been since we’ve had fanart? Seems like ages.

Kristen sent in a few wallpapers.


And wrapping things up, Kerry sent in this sketch of Padme.