Things are a little quiet


Things are a little quiet at the moment but let’s see what I have for today.

The NY Times has a nice article about V for Vendetta over here. You’ll need to register though. Just beware spoilers.

For Ms. Portman, who now no longer has to do any more “Star Wars” films, the picture’s appeal went beyond simply feeling liberated at the chance to shave her head. (“It’s good to get away from having to deal with my hair,” she said. “It’s the first time I’ve had a feeling that people are a little scared of me, that they’re backing away.”)

Lurking found an article about Mr Datemenatalie. If you’re interested in the guy, check it out.

Sadly, thats it. Don’t worry though, the pic battle is on the way. As is a new poll. And a new comic. And if I can think of an idea (mail me if you have one) a new editorial.

Thankfully we’ve got a nice bit of fanart today.

Johannes sent in two Free Zone wallpapers. Click here and here.

Papari sent in a nice simple wallpaper of Evey.

Jen made an old Nat pic a bit more pretty with this blend.

And finally, Tadej sent in a sketch of Sam.

Have a great weekend.