midnight oil


Jewish News Weekly has a piece on Star Wars and Nat is mentioned under “Jewish chicks kick butt”. Thanks to link to an interesting article about a Jewish rap group.

The usual self-deprecating fare (“We mix gefilte fish with collard greens”) is blended with put-downs of gentile culture, off-color Arab jokes and masturbation humor (mostly concerning Natalie Portman fantasies) to make for a truly nothing-is-sacred listening experience.

Completing the blurbage is this cute one found, again, by JC.

We have a new fan video that was sent in by Oscar. If you struggle to play it he suggests using VLC.

Here are the results of the last poll.

Should we do an editorial about the Datemenatalie guy?

Yes 58.75% (695 votes)

No, come up with something else 40.32% (477 votes)

I guess that means some more work for this weekend. Damn you democracy!!!

Its late and I can’t think properly so…here’s the new poll.

Have a great weekend.