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Thanks for the feedback regarding yesterdays update. As always, there wasn’t anything even close to a consensus. Some people think its a great idea, others think it’s doomed to failure and everyone has a different idea of how they think it should work.

It’s clear that in order for this to be a valuable addition to the site we’re going to have to try and keep the standards high. And that will mean either restricting messages or being careful about the logins we hand out.

And if you don’t want to see any comments, don’t worry, they won’t be appearing on the front page. So if you’re against it, just pretend the feature doesn’t exist.

Anyway, I thought a poll would be interesting so…

The comments poll

And here are the results of the mohawk poll…

What do you feel about the idea of Nat growing a mohawk?

I think its exciting 38.2% (366 votes)

I think it just gets worse and worse 35.49% (340 votes)

I don’t mind, its just hair 25.37% (243 votes)

Wow, pretty even split. Those who aren’t digging the hair, fear not, there’s an image gallery with a zillion pics of her with plenty of hair. And it’ll be back…eventually.

Not much in the way of news again today but Cal was able to find this cute pic of Nat and Sanjiro.