As promised, its once again time to do some catching up.

Ekyillia found an article about Nat talking to some important British officials about microfinance. This was last month when she was still in London. In the article are two new pics.

Ekyillia also sent me a new but small pic of Nat in Equador. Ole!

And she also sent in some caps from the World Patrol Kids video, which might be of interest to people who couldn’t view the clips.

Cute 1 Cute 2
Cute 3 Cute 4
Cute 5 Cute 6
Cute 7 Cute 8
Cute 9 Cute 10

Al sent in a scan from the Aussie mag, Who. It features the West Village pics.

And finally, fanart.

Kevin sent in a wallpaper that’s certainly different.

Shassy sent in wallpaper with a nature vibe.

Lastly, a couple V wallpapers. From Isabella and a VERY NAUGHTY (close your eyes kids!) wallpaper from Joe.

Tsk tsk.