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Been damn busy lately but I should have time to do a full catchup this weekend plus I’m working on updating a few things on the site.

Oh, Kris had a double HD failure yesterday so if you’ve mailed him it might be a few days before you get a reply.

Let’s kick off with the results of the last poll.

Nat getting ejected from a nightclub is…

Funny 44.62% (286 votes)

Orange 28.08% (180 votes)

Deplorable 23.71% (152 votes)

Justified 2.96% (19 votes)

Lotsa orange fans.

Here is the brand spankin’ new poll.

Teen People’s upcoming Young Hollywood issue has a reader selected Power List and guess who made it…no, not Pauly Shore. Thanks to Jim.

Claire has news of another small Nat mag appearance.

A quick mention of Nat in the September issue of InStyle UK. ‘Meet
the Grandparents’. A picture of Nat and her grandmother: Bernice
Stevens in 2001. Quote: “My grandmother is a night person. She loves to stay up late. She as my date for a benefit and we got home at 5am!
It was so much fun!”

Sean snapped a pic of himself and sent it in as a comparison to a Natalie photo. As if that wasn’t scary enough, the resemblance isn’t just in his head. *shudder*

That’s all for now. Back with more soon(ish).


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