Kris is back online (for the most part) so the pic battle will be up later or tomorrow.

In the mean time, here are the results of the last poll.

With the Goya’s Ghosts synopsis out, what are you feeling?

Optimistic 32.51% (184 votes)

Excited 32.16% (182 votes)

Hungry 22.26% (126 votes)

Bored 9.36% (53 votes)

Worried 3.18% (18 votes)

Yup, seems like it could turn out to be something special.

Here’s the new poll, which was suggested in the comments section. If anyone else has an idea, please go ahead and post it.

The one bit of Nat news today is courtesy of M5lover. Nat on the stage again?

Richard Greenberg may be becoming one of the most widely performed contemporary playwrights in the U.S., but in the U.K. he?s lagging behind. However, a new production of The American Plan will up his London quota.

According to Variety, the play will be staged in the West End in November. The producers are Clare Lawrence and Anna Waterhouse for Out of the Blue and Nica Burns and Max Weitzenhoffer for Nimax. Out of the Blue has made something of a specialty of bringing American stars to London (Matt Damon in This Is Our Youth, Julia Stiles in Oleanna, currently David Schwimmer in Some Girls). And, Variety reports that this time around, the producers have been in talks with Natalie Portman.