Natalie attended Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Superstars Cocktail Party and Nat-AH-lee sent in a few pics from it. You can see her hair is getting long enough to curl. Kyoot.


Also, if you head over to the vid section you’ll see a new fanmade tribute to Leon. Thanks to Tee-Mac.



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  • MoRawk says:

    It would have been enough with one pic !? =P…

    The last one her curls really came out =] haha,,

    nice tribute to !

  • rafa says:

    nice pics, she looks perfect.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    it points out to me that she’ll soon have that same look she had when she was acting for the film closer, but she also looks on changing that look abit so people wont tease her but I love every look she does to herself, cause I see that when she reaches the age of 60, she’ll still look young and beatiful even in her older age to come. this look proves she only dates men for sex and dosnt want an affear or a life with a man yet, cause she beleives she’s too young and want to concentrate on her looks and her future carea as a make up artist, cause she does plan to retire from stardom soon.she’s said this alot of times, and she means it.

  • Sanjiro says:

    aussietrooper20. shut up.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    i will not shut up, I’m telling you the truth mate.she’s single, and she looks beatiful all the time.

  • nicole414 says:

    She looks adorable. Why doesn’t she wear makeup and earrings with that short hair? Not like she needs it but it would look cool.

  • math_grenades says:

    Don’t you guys monitor these comments? Think it’s time to give aussietrooper the boot, he’s a bit nutty.

    The curly hair looks kind of odd IMO, seems like she’s struggling trying to figure out things to do with it. =P

  • SKYWALKER says:

    nice pics man shes so beautiful .like how assietrooper20 says every look she does herself its natarific but wat she does at 5 september when goya filming starting .

  • omgzrachel says:

    She is super-cute.

    And after reading a few of the more creepy comments here, it’s easy to see why Natalie is so freaked out by some of her fanbase. :/

  • play3r says:

    your giving everyoneelse a bad name aussietrooper…

    I think (with the hair thing) she is just trying as many styles as she can, while it is that short. I would 🙂

  • nat_ah_lee says:

    Her curls are cute, i don’t understand how it was a cocktail party…every one looks very casual oh well!

  • fallstar says:

    her hair is somewhat curly naturally isnt it? maybe its just long enough to show now. anyways i think its cute.

  • Boost1 says:

    I just think it’s good that the hair finally has started to grow 🙂
    I’m sorry, but I just don’t think that the mohawk and no hair thing works for her :/ Which is a shame, since she’s so beautiful

  • natalieportman56 says:

    i saw the video of the star wars episode 2 mistakes…..i just watched it again and its like always always so funny!!!!!! my god it makes me laugh so much…..i can’t get over it seeing Hayden and Natalie making laughs, when Hayden is falling, when Hayden said “Dang that’s hot” when they had to eat the soup…..it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!the most funniest thing in the whole entire world…..well for me so far

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    when i said she’s only having sex and not having a relationship, I meant that she’s trying not to make the same mistake as other female actors have like Katie Holmes did with tom cruise, and how J Lo didn’t go well with Ben the daredevil. She’s mentioned that she’s basiclly looking for a single man who has no movie buisness in life, cause most good actors around the world like san neill find a person who isnt an actor.Also in this picture, I see she’s enjoying the hot sun alot and try to do the cat walk I saw her do back in 2002 in sydney when she wore the whit costume for episode 2.

  • omgzrachel says:

    You wouldn’t be a little, um… delusional, would you, aussietrooper?

  • xxxcinderella says:

    She’s so adorable.

    And her hair is naturally curly, she didn’t do anything do anything to it.

    And aussie, I have NO clue what you are talking about. Because she isn’t wearing that much make-up, it means that she is just having sex with men? Wow, ahem…you’re crazy. She has a boyfriend by the way, and she never said she was leaving the acting buisness anytime soon. She said hopefully, in the next 10 years you would still see her acting. Now get off that crazy horse, and get yourself a vicatin.