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By August 11, 2005Site-news

But for how much longer?

Just a couple new pics today

Alana sent in a scan of a V for Vendetta preview in the new entertainment weekly, which includes a lovely new pic.

And Jessica sent in a pic of (supposedly) Nat as an extra in Star Wars.

Have a great weekend.


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  • jawa1977 says:

    i was watching regis and kelly this morning and they metioned nat in a poll it was which celebrity would u want to tutor ur kids 1st place was i dont want any celebrity teaching my students 2nd will smith ? what? 3rd natalie portman 4th kelly ripa who would of thought not that this matters or anything i just thought id metion it in todays news bye.

  • brasaremean says:

    so it is a pic of her after all?
    it does look liek her, but we’re missing a very important thing (which could be covered with makeup to fool us, but still)…the mark on her cheek? where is it?

  • Immaculata says:

    brasaremean: I think the mark is on her other cheek.

    But as for the picture…i’m not sure if it’s her.

  • magpi312 says:

    Love the new V pic and article, Thanks! That SW pic? WOW! Glad I never saw that… 🙂

  • xxxcinderella says:

    Nah, that isn’t her. The hair is similar but it isn’t. They said it was an extra in the nightclub.

    And Nat has those marks on both cheeks.

  • ARdeN LyN says:

    That second pic is a hilarious photoshop. Great job, Jessica!

  • guinevere_naberrie says:

    haha oh man, you know, I think that really IS her…you can tell by the ear/cheek you can see

  • darthsidious666 says:

    Yeah, I think it is her too.

  • Immaculata says:

    xxxcinderella: Yeah she has marks on both cheeks, but you can hardly see the one on the right cheek unless the picture is really close.

    That picture could be her. But i’m still skeptical because what kind of person would want to cover Natalie’s face???

  • math_grenades says:

    I don’t think she has that mark on both cheeks, it’s just on the other side that the camera can’t see. I dunno if it’s her tho, what a silly costume.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I guess everyone’s suprise that no one spotted it untile I mentioned it, plus I was trying to post it, but for some reason couldn’t. This picture is Natalie cause in the 2005 star wars day by day calander, you’ll notice there’s a question coming up asking who umung the top stars of star wars ROTS played a part as an extra, and the answer is Natalie Portman.

    She has now create another charactor for the star wars EU storys, and as i said might become a rebel even though she’s an alien who could live for 300 years.

    There is also something else that you might want to know, and that is that Natalie secretly barrects for the Australian Football league’s (AFL) Western bulldogs who represent the american flag colours, and there doing fine, plus she also barrecks for the American bulldogs of the AFL teams from 10 countrys, including American.can you beleive that.

    In the episode 3 charactors book, you’ll also notice Natalie’s new charactor in the book but as a smal picture next to anthony daniel’s extra new charactor.

  • cai says:

    she looks so lovely, i do miss her wavy hair like in the star wars…speaking of it…she looks funny in that pic but also cute…oh padme…

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    xxxcinderella, you need your eyes fixed, that is our natalie playing a part as an extra just as anthony daniels and george lucas did. I think she was walking up the steps.

  • skywalker says:

    funy pic(star wars).oh my lord I WANT SEE V For VENDETTA ,y thyng V rol its very different before watt she play in star wars,closer,etc.Jessica you do agreat job thanks

  • thierrry123 says:

    The picture from star wars is not nat but Delva Racine.

  • omgzrachel says:

    As far-fetched as it looks, the model does seem to have Natalie’s posture and earlobes (or lack of). :O

  • brasaremean says:

    ok here goes
    “Challenging FASHION DESIGNER Delva Racine may have gone just a bit too far with her latest collection. She’s one of the many patrons seen milling about the Galaxies Opera House.”
    it says nothign about who the model is…i also think it’s her, the ear is exactly the same 🙂 and teh cheek.

    also i googled delva racine and guess what came up? NOTHING!!!

  • mckjay13 says:

    No! Delva Racine is the designer of the outfit.

  • MoRawk says:

    Hi there !! I just wondered, has anyone seen Free Zone, Is it out yet ?? why no media coverage about shooting it or whatever…

    Just popped in to mind..

    MoRawk Nation Rawk

  • MoRawk says:

    `HAHA, like o my god what does this say about me, but i just recalled a little thing with Natalies toes =P.. the toe beside the big toe is a bit longer than the big toe, and in this pic it doesnt seem to be that way (is this a mirakle of plastc surgery ? =) … i tried to find a pic with Nat in the same posture for comparison to :

    But its very hard to find a good one from the right, shes almost always photagrafed from the left !?

    But here you got a good one on the toes (different shoes though):

    But you do get a good look on her left thumb and that looks to me to be Natalie… i dont relly know at all =P

    Peace Out, hope i made it a bit more of a pickle to wheter its her or not hahaha

  • nat_ah_lee says:

    Does no one remember the fact natalie always wanted to play the part of the elephant….she reprise’s her sesame street role in star wars!!!! i dunno wether its her or not…who cares?

  • Lita_nerrta says:

    HIya, new here. Love Natalie, she’s a great person to look up to. I’m 17, cha, so I’m not alittle girl.
    Anyways, I cannot wait to see V. the plot is awesome and I think she picked a spectacular role to be in.
    See ya!

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    i just saw another picture of this picture of natalie’s extra part, but i dont know how to post it.

  • brasaremean says:

    wheer did you see it aussietrooper?

  • MoRawk says:

    For F sake aussitrooper, are you sitting in the outback somewhere?!?, you simply mark the text in the little box in top of your browser where it says : “Adress” … and then you press Control key (Usually says CTRL, in the lower left corner of the keyboard) and at the same time press the “C” key, the text is now copied, then you go to your window and mark the box “add coment:” and press the Control key again but this time with the “V” key and just like magic the text jumps in the “add coment:” box…

    I dont meen to be an ass but come on ?!

  • MoRawk says:

    Aussitrooper !! you can also right click the pic and choose “properties”.. there you will see the adress the pic have..
    maybe that was your problem, it popped up in a window without the “adress” box…

  • taitai says:

    hello I vien just m to register here
    I wanted to say that the site is super and that me also J adores natalie portman just the last small word cheer for all the information which you have of nat
    I am French and I a little L English good continuation understands has all

  • Lita_nerrta says:

    Why all the fighting? Aussie obviously isn’t computer savvy. Instead of cursing at him, couldn’t you explain calmly, Rawk?
    I’m a dork…I read all of the quotes and such…golly, she’s so cute!

  • xxxcinderella says:

    aussietrooper20. I don’t need my eyes fixed. Apparently you need your brain fixed because you make the dumbest posts on here.

    Don’t you think that if it WAS acctually Natalie, they would say that somewhere below? I mean, they do that will all photos. It doesn’t mention Natalie’s name ONCE.

  • niarf says:

    Hello everybody ! It’s the first time that I come on this site and I have any regrets, it’s a very good site, very complet and interesting on Natalie, my favourite actress. I’m french too, like Taitai, and now I’m going to speak french for Taitai : je suis un L aussi, je passe en terminale L et toi ?

  • theUSER says:

    I think this is all crap. What I would like to see is a blog from Natalie Portman instead of updates with links and articles. I want to know what Natalie is doing all day!