I’ve been sorting waiting for my HD to crash but its not happening. So let me finally clear up my inbox.

Lets begin with the new Pic Battle Round. I’ll once again urge plead with you to click on EVERY pic. The thumbs do not tell the whole story.

Here are the results from the last round.

Shelly found a couple Nat sightings from Gawker.

Natalie Portman was talking a walk in the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park on Monday afternoon 8/8. Very tiny, with a very large head further accentuated with humongous sunglasses.


saw Natalie Portman at the MIA concert (8/7) at summerstage. very petite and hair is growing back. was very gracious to let all these people take pictures of her and ask for her autograph while she is just trying to enjoy the concert. was very cringy to watch when people started to recognized her and come up to her. but she was a totally good sport!


Hilary Duff thinks Nat is growing up gracefully. Thanks to Sonoyta for the link.

“So many young people are going crazy and thinking it’s a sign of growing up, but it’s not at all. I think when they get older, they’re going to be embarrassed. Just look at people who have grown up gracefully, like Natalie Portman.”

And JC found an article about Nat’s hair plans.

Sak likes his Nat now vs Nat then comparisons. This time the focus is the smile.

And finally, Orionsaint wants to weigh in on the elephantlady=nat debate.

About that Natalie Portman EPIII photo.

The caption on the photo reads,

“Challenging fashion designer Delva Racine may have gone just a bit too far with her latest collection. She’s one of the many patrons seen milling about the Galaxies Opera House.”

It’s interesting. I did some investigating. There is no Delva Racine on the SW crew. The fashion designers are , Trisha Biggar & Allan McCosky This appears to be an obvious joke. SW has done this before with fake names. Blue Harvest was the name of the movie they were filming in 82. It was actually ROTJ.

This is just speculation, but I suspect towards the end of filming ROTS. They had some fun. Natalie probably designed that costume herself, as a way to get back at Trisha Biggar for making her wear those outrageous SW costumes, but in a kind hearted fun way. It’s obvious the way the costume is designed, with her face is covered and she obviously wore it when they were filming the bun scenes. She just quickly changed costumes. Perhaps she just wanted to feel what it was like to be an extra in a movie? I don’t know. I’m just guessing here.

It sure looks like Natalie’s body, what gives it away are the legs for me. I know Natalie’s legs, believe me and her fingernails, also her stance and her head looks about Natalie size. I sure hope it’s her, because those shoes are hot!, lol.

He even whipped together something to prove his point.

Personally, I tend to agree. Good idea for a poll but I have to run now so I’ll be back with that later or tomorrow.


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  • Fattighjonsson says:

    the interviewer that wanted to talk with nat about his childhood, what was his name?

  • Lita_nerrta says:

    I have to agree, Natalie has grown up rather gracefully. I used to hate Hillary Duff, but now, she’s not so bad ^_^.

  • guinevere_naberrie says:

    I originally got the impression that Delva Racine was Nat’s character’s name. Her character is a fashion designer and wore one of her own crazy designs

  • Juiceharpboy says:

    I like Hilary Duff’s comment very much.

  • natfan101 says:

    It does look like Nat!! I can tell by her arms and fingers. She has very unique figers and nails, but I guess the only way to truly find out if it’s her is to ask! Anybody up for that?

  • rafa says:

    oh thanks god you’re back i can’t live without your information, your pictures i can’t live without natalie portman i’m a np.com addict.
    by the way i don’t like hillary duff but i like her comment.
    bye see you

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    this is the natalie picture that i spotted, and there seems to be alot of natalie picture from theforce.net, including one where she’s at her funeral with her eyes open, why?

    the thing is that this picture proves that natalie played an extra part like other actors did.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    one thing she’s doing these days is resting from all those months of hard work, cause acting is really hard, cause you got to get up early and sit on a chair for hours while someone puts on your makeup, and then get dressed and do your job in the film.

    Also she’s playing with charlie alot since she misses him, and also is seeing her parents.

  • Lita_nerrta says:

    Okay, I’m a roleplayer, thought I’d share some signatures my friends have made for me. So, my charrie’s name is Lita Nerrta *pokes member name* She’sa a lot like Natalie, but this was before I started researching…
    here are the links,enjoy:

    I also make avatars…I’m too busy to post those…andI thought I’d just let your guys see how obsessed I am with her…she’sso pretty anddown to earth. I’dlove to have an intellectua; conversation with her. But yeah, taking up space ciao!

  • rafa says:

    i’m joking about the addict thing of course but i like so much your way to do this.

  • rafa says:

    how do you know that aussietrooper20? and i’m sorry but who is charlie.

  • darthsidious666 says:

    Isn’t Charlie, Natalie’s dog?

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I find out from magazines, intenet sights and hear about it abit on tv, and charile happens to be her pet dog of course. I somehow write to her alot each week.

  • skywalker says:

    nice article thanks dazza.what difference LEON……CLOSER the time …..hilary duff nice comentary .yes charlie its natalie dog y wish to be charlie the dog end my master be natalie

  • lifeisacereal says:

    OH SHIT!
    I know this is very off topic. But for several hours now, rumors have been circulating that V For Vendetta’s release date has been pushed back to 2006. :O.
    Crap. Does anyone think they’re true??

  • rafa says:

    oh thanks aussietrooper20. your information is great.

  • rafa says:

    why would they do something like that with V for Vendetta’s release i don’t think is true.

  • stephwutever says:

    i have new respect for hilary duff

  • skitzocrite says:

    I saw Natalie Portman in Montauk long island on the 12th. She was attending a wedding at my hotel. But i didnt get to talk to her.

  • natalieportman56 says:

    i don’t like hilary duff first of all…….i hate her…….but what does her comment mean? gracefully? i forgot what that means sorry…..what does it mean?

    I don’t like her a lot cuz shes a fan..and because that she is like a bad singer and natalie portman probably likes her voice and hayden c. also anyways anyone know?