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Man, waking up to that V news is a really crappy way to start the day.

Perhaps a new comic will cheer some of you up. Matt has been having computer problems so this is a few weeks late but hopefully the incident it was inspired by is still fresh in your memory.

The confrontational 11th NP.COMIC


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  • Juiceharpboy says:

    Sweet comic, keep em coming Matt/Dazza.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I think it’s bad manners mates,cause our natalie isn’t like that in life, and the comics should be storys of her charactors she’s played such as padme, and the presedents daughter in mars attacks,etc.

    maybe a comic of padme rising from her death like electra did in electra.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    A couple of days ago, I posted that Natalie might apear on rove live in melbourne. If your wondering where is melbourne, well it’s in the state of victoria in Australia mate. I also said she might, and I think it might be in march next year perhaps.

    her good freind hayden was on rove live for ROTS.In Australia, when a person says G Day Mate that’s the aussie way of saying hello sir or my lady.I heard Natalie was said this when she was acting for star wars, and then she said it while she was in australia.

  • erika_doofus says:

    that’s such a cool comic! although it’s a little creepy, the idea is genious. especially considering the response the news about Natalie’s smoking produced. and the last part with the chosen one and the “it’s for the children” is brilliant!
    keep up the good work!

  • maelca17 says:

    I was wondering… is there a way to send you something without using the comments???

  • nixonmustang says:

    I’m sure your effort was good but now is not the time for jokes, comics or cartoons. Israel is part of Natalie. You should be mindful of the pain being felt by Israel.

  • cbuzzer says:

    hi Natalme,

    I have the code….

    (-; ^ Chris

  • oramacetoch says:

    Being an illustrator myself, and, though I think the comic is great, and hilarious. I don’t think the foul language is necessary to make the strip work. I think that stuff just takes away from something that’s already great. It doesn’t seem to fit someone like Natalie. I know she’s cussed in some of her movies, but that’s her characters, not her. Again, the art is great, the strip is great, but get rid of un-necessary vulgarity.

  • dazza says:

    Maelca – just click my name in any of the updates.

    Oramacetoch – Matt and I have a naughty sense of humour that will creep in fairly often. Some people like that, some don’t. If you don’t, that’s cool but Matt and I do and since we make the strip…

    Nixonmustang – During horrible times I feel its a good thing to laugh and enjoy life.