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Melody has updated a couple galleries with Kris’ help.

V for Vendetta
The before fame gallery which has some wonderful new World Patrol Kids caps that were sent in by Sak.

Free Zone is going to be playing at the Toronto International Film Fest (maybe she’ll even make an appearance?) and Jeff Wells gives the film and her a nice little mention in his preview of the festival’s offerings.

Free Zone, director: Amos Gitai (saw it in Cannes, wouldn’t mind catching it again… fascinating road movie that takes you through Israel and Jordan…fine Natalie Portman performance…satisfying in a minor key)

Roger F found an article about Goya’s Ghosts. Nothing really new but a nice summary of the project.

Speaking of Goya, JC noticed that Defamer is speculating as to whether Nat will go topless in it.

JC also found that Variety is reporting that Dustin Hoffman has joined the cast of Mr Mangorium’s Wonder Emporium. The film will begin shooting in March.

And finally, Clemence sent in a drawing of Natalie.



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  • Kaiyuan87 says:

    I hope she doesnt go topless. Is there really a need to do so?

  • mary helen says:

    Wow-good drawing…I couldn’t have done that. Good pics, too.

  • nat_rocksmysox says:

    The guys are gonna be happy if she goes topless hahaa…
    i like this one. i hope free zone is gonna be a good movie.

  • rafa says:

    but i have to acept she looks perfect for my any way. she is beautiful with hair or no hair ,and i don’t know her but i think she is beutiful that way inside too. excuse me i’m very sensitive tonight.

  • lifeisacereal says:

    I much much much rather see her go bottomless.

  • Brian says:

    Yeah, cool drawing. I bet it took him like 5 hours to get the shading on her upper lip right. It’s prob’ly the best drawing he’s ever done.

  • MoRawk says:

    its a really nice drawing, but a pretty bad choice of angle, it could really be any girl if you dont know the distinct Ear/nose/lip/eyebrow of Natalie.. but i should’nt say to much cause i have trouble painting a, hmm just about anything really…
    Why would this movie be more inviting for a topless scene than any other she made.. closer for an example ??.. well do or die, or do or dont maby were the phrase i was looking for, if that is a phrase though, i dont know, im gonna go get drunk now, have a nice weekend !?!


  • Bloody Fork says:

    Damn she’s busy. She’s a freggin’ work-a-holic.