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Not much on the plate today but tomorrow we’ll hopefully have a new comic and the second last pic battle preliminary round.

Jim sent in a scan from Sci-Fi magazine, in which Nat talks about her current music tastes.

M5lover found one of those sexiest actress lists. Nat just squeezed in, in 10th place.

JC found this little tidbit from an article about Rachael Leigh Cook.

“When people recognize me,” Cook says, “they either think I’m Natalie Portman, which I take as a compliment, or they saw me in ‘She’s All That.’ “

And finally, Rob sent in this drawing.

Seeya tomorrow.


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  • nicole414 says:

    Rachael Leigh Cook looks nothing like Nat!

  • rafa says:

    im sorry but i wouldn’t confuse natalie with rachel cook whoever she is.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I agree that natalie doesnt look like that woman, and I also wrote to tell everyone that this weeks new weekly magazine in australia has got Natalie Portman inside about that new hair cut look that was recently spoken about.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    It’s disapointing you dont have any natalie or padme icons like has cause once you join that sight, you can choose to be any star wars charactor, even padme.

    Also the australian post are planing to release another set of star wars stamps of padme from episode 1 to 3 and one for the phantom menace.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I just spoted another picture of Natalie on and this time it’s a title about the costumes.

    i also want to mention that I use to email Natalie on, but now she’s left that sight cause she prefers me to write to her by post, so nearly every week I post her a letter on a post card that goes straight to her parents home address and then straight to her. I recently posted one last week and I did it not only for natalie but to her father to wish him a happy fathers day. dont even think about asking for her familys home adress, its private top secret.

  • lifeisacereal says:


  • teddy181 says:

    Does anybody know whether it is already decided if Nat will play in The American Plan?

  • Jeroen says:

    Nat has good taste in music 🙂

    And I agree that Rachael Leigh Cook looks nothing like her.

    …And aussietrooper is gay.

  • MoRawk says:


    Jeroen 2005-08-30 09:32:37
    Nat has good taste in music 🙂

    And I agree that Rachael Leigh Cook looks nothing like her.

    …And aussietrooper is gay.

    Haahaha. thats mean Jeroen =P..
    But seiosly Aussiman, if im not deluded i read some where that she hasnt read her fan mail ever since the sick shit she got after making “LEON”.. So youre probably full of shit, and no one is impressed so why not step out of the fantasy world, maybe its just the dry air down there i dont know…

    man I hate to be thrashing but that cinda talk..
    [Changing Subject]
    BTW now that Nat even got a mohawk, she should give metal a chance !?, it would be a dream come true to see her come down the red carpet with a Pantera top on =P .. haha.. guess some pappy shots would do it, not so nice to come to an event in a Pantera shirt with a bunch of “leafes” on it.. not good for image =P..

    well know i really dont know what to wright any more so i shall just stop.. just one more thing, i’m gonna check from work tomorrow for the new Comic, cant wait !


  • dark jedi says:

    I think that Girl doesn’t look like Natalie…
    Nat on that list of “sexiest actress”? she doesn’t need any kind of list, she is totally beautiful and she steps over that genre of “challenges” (trash).
    I hope Natalie will begin to listen death metal.

  • mary helen says:

    Ooh, now That drawing is good!

  • Lita_nerrta says:

    Jeroen, please take in mind others find the word gay as in stupid very offensive…*sniffs*
    BUt Aussie is stupid…he thinks he knows everything about her, when in fact, he wishes he did…but can’t…stupid git…

    Rachel can often be mistaken for her…she’s been compared to her countless times…
    And Let’s hope Natalie goes up more spots for the next Sexiest actress!

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    i am not gay jeroen, you are, cause I still think about natalie every day and night, plus i write to her every week that goes straight to her hands, not her fan mail readers.

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    oh, and i was ment to say, not, sorry.

  • Brian says:

    One question for Aussie: Do you tell yourself bravo, self, for being such a man-ho?

  • teddy181 says:

    Oh my God Aussie, you are so naive 🙂 You really think you’re corresponding with Natalie freakin’ Portman? Like she gives a flying f about you? Or any of us, for that matter. Just be a fan in the normal non-obsessed way… it will be much better for you!

  • aussietrooper20 says:

    I am a fan of hers as her parents are, and she does get mail from me by post, cause I send them to her parents who give them to her, plus i respect her parents alot more than you all would, cause there very importnat and caring people.

    stop saying bad things about Natalie, or you’ll see my fist in your face mate.

  • Jeroen says:

    This goes beyond obsession. Please, someone, tell me why you still let him post? He clearly needs help.

    That’s one fucked up ‘mate’ you got there.