much ado about nothing


Things are super quiet on the Nat front. The sort of quiet that follows a Martin Lawrence joke. But I’ll do my best with this update.

Let’s kick things off with the final pre pic battle vote. To sum up, for the 83rd time, after this week we’ll have 114 winning pics that have been voted by YOU guys. We need 128 pics to have a bracket format so I’ll be adding 14 pics that got very high averages but were unlucky not to win. Within a week or two the pic battle proper will go up.

But for now…

The final round

Round 11 results

With not much news I’ll have to dip into the bag of tidbits.

Sonoyta found a Spanish article that has a few Goya’s tidbits…

-The shooting started yesterday, in a house located in San Martín de la Vega.
-Javier Aguirresarobe (winner of several Goya Awards) is the responsible of Photography.
-Ivonne Blake is in charge of Costume Design and Patrizia Von Brandenstein (Amadeus) is the Art Supervisor.
-Ivana Primorac (Cold Mountain) is in the area of Hair and Makeup.

JC found this NY Daily News article about films that get delayed. It looks at the pros and cons and obviously relates to V for Vendetta.

While Niina found this article which takes an in depth look at the V for Vendetta project.

HOT OFF THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL NEWS!!! An LA museum will be displaying Star Wars costumes (including all 236 of Padme’s outfits) later this month. Thanks to Bryan and click
for the details.

And…that’s it folks. Sheesh. Scour the earth for some Nat news people! Let’s get some wallpapers going! Should we do an editorial…any ideas?

At least there’s a new np.comic on the way.