some more new pics


Got a little bit of everything for you guys today so let’s get cracking.

Sonoyta found 4 brand new Nat pics. Not sure what shoot they were for but I definitely like them. Especially the last one.


Pasha found a nice candid of Nat in Spain. It must have been a few weeks back cos her hair is super short. Maybe it was during her first visit when she hit the town with Javier.

Celine sent in a cover and pic from the German mag, Woman. They’re old pics but what the hell…


Orionsaint sent in some scans along the same lines. Old pics but worth checking out again.

Glamour pic fixed
Gatopardo Cover
Cover in Hi Res

Susie found a nice Nat mention in this new Reese Witherspoon interview.

Natalie Portman, I love her recent work; I think she keeps getting better and better.

I think its time for a new poll so click here to see what I came up with. And here are the results of the previous poll.

What do you think of the Blender scan?

Love it! 38.33% (412 votes)

Not her best but not too bad. 28.09% (302 votes)

Lose the wig and some of the eye liner and it’d be good. 18.7% (201 votes)

Hate it! 14.33% (154 votes)

Me? I’m somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd place options.

Madison made a couple fan video’s from Leon footage for you all to enjoy. Click here and here.

And finally, Long J.B sent in some fanart.