Did somebody say WONDER?


It’s time for me to pick out stuff for you to look at from the OLD SKOOL Nat club. but before we get started, two things you should know about my mustache.

1.) It’s pretty lame.

2.) I’m growing it for a halloween costume.

NOW. I’ve got three articles that i remember being big deals back in the day. and i have a PHOTO SHOOT for you to look at.

my favorite at the moment from that shoot would be this pic:

but dazza says that takes up a lot of space to put up pictures like that. So.

The three articles are:

Natalie’s World from W magazine. November 97. In this she talks about TRUE BEAUTY. or something.

The Professional from TimeOut New York. November 97. In this she talks about …something. i don’t remember. but i remember the cover was cool.

and The Teen Queen of America from the Daily Telegraph. July 99. In this she talks about a bunch of stuff. but the good thing is it reveals that she’s a goofball.

i think all three of them have lame low scores. VOTE HIGH.

well you guys can say what your favorite part of each article was. my favorite is in the last article where she drools her food all over her face. SLOPPY DOPE. That’s why we love her.

I think that’s all. I’ll be back next week with something else. I wonder if any of you went to see SERENITY though?!?!?!?!?!

good night.

OH. and i’d like to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday last week. except DAZZA. Thank you. Except DAZZA.