She’s baaack

By November 6, 2005Site-news


While we wait in anticipation for Sanjiro’s Corner, I thought I would update with the new NP.comic. Sorry for the long wait between strips. This time it’s also partly my fault.

Anyway, enjoy.



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  • henrik says:

    WOW.FINALLY.Haven’t read it yet.
    And please,Dazza,answer my email.Thanks so much in advance.
    \goes reading the comic

  • exo says:

    hey dazza when are we going to get a real update?

  • dazza says:

    I’ll probably update tomorrow (and catch up on email, Henrik) but there isn’t really any Nat news at the moment. If there was anything even remotely big I would update with it right away.

  • trapstr says:

    I can’t say the comic was all that interesting, but I still think making the comic is a good idea.

    You should create one about Gordon “Gary” Coleman from Fandom. I’m sure you could have a blast with that one, I could.