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By November 24, 2005Site-news


I’m going to try and get through this. Torque is on TV at the moment, so I’m sure you see my dilemma. Some movies are so bad I find it hard to take my eyes off them.

But I’ll try. For you. For Nat.

I got lots of emails that wanted to correct an error from yesterday’s update.

“I was looking to the latest pics added to your site when I noticed a mistake in the explanatory text for that one about the Chillida Leku Museum.

The Chillida Museum is not in Madrid, it’s actually located between Hernani and San Sebastian in the Basque Country (northern Spain).”

This site is so damn educational. And stuff.

Laura found even more pics of Nat doing some sight seeing in Spain.

Shassy sent in some small new old pics from this series. Surely a contender for best photoshoot ever.

When I die I want to come back as grass
Yup, definitely

Torque update: Ice Cube looks pissed off.

Pasha found an even better scan of that gorgeous new InStyle pic.

Torque update: Yup, he’s pissed off alright.

Now for some fnrt.

Barry sent in a great wallpaper of the new InStyle pic.

Not to be outdone, Markus sent in 3 wallpapers including a fantastic V wallpaper.


Torque update: They seem to be racing through…Vietnam?

Matthias decided to mess around with that Moby pic that Sanji posted. The result.

Shassy sent in another wallpaper.

And Kaylee had fun with colours. Click here and here.


Final Torque update: A car just totally burst through a truck. Like. Totally.


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  • Sak says:

    Happy birthday Melody.
    May life bring you whatever you wish.

  • Barry says:

    The sight-seeing pics are gorgeous! Which is to be expected of course!;) The Instyle pic is one of Nat’s best ever, the better quality version shows that even more!!

  • Barry says:

    Ooops.. I hadn’t finished… (I hit Tab, return instead of caps-lock, Return.. 😛 )

    So the V for Vendetta wallpaper is great I like the Colour-Manips by Kaylee! Great Stuff!

    Ciao, I’m off to watch “Closer” for some odd reason…;)

  • mary helen says:

    Like the wallpapers.

  • rafa says:

    well, you have A+, At least you know something about spain.
    good for you.

    PD: happy birthday, Melody. it’s great now you are older than yesterday.

  • flash_smb says:

    Happy bday Melody!!! Torque was by far one of the worst movies ever. What a shame man, after Fast & Furious 1 everyone tried making their own little speedy vehicle movie. Which most just sucked horribly.

  • flash_smb says:

    Oh, one more thing. greektrooper, you remind me of a certain other “trooper” whom used to post things like you did…

  • dazza says:

    The quoted info about Spain was something that was sent to me. So I can’t take credit for that.

    And Geektrooper is gonna have a tough time posting from now on.

  • yodan says:

    I read that Natalie has a new boyfriend. She says that he is not Jewish. If he is not Jewish? Is he hippy-ish? Anyway, looks like she has a new boyfriend. Everybody go out and buy The Phish movie “Bittersweet Motel.” Hippy-ish…lol

  • tinymontgomery says:

    dazza, you gots ta let greektrooper post, he’s hilarious!

  • exo says:

    help dazza,
    i can’t get those first pics of nat sight seeing in spain…
    yodan, where did you hear that nat has a new boyfriend that isn’t jewish?
    uh okay.
    i am done.

  • Rwix says:

    hey everybody

    First , HAPPY Birthday Melody. I like these picture and wallpaper.thanks

  • dittygrain says:

    Head over to the natalie portman empire site to get all the pics from that photoshoot.

  • buzzkiller says:

    I had no clue what movie Torque was until you mentioned Fast & the Furious. Funny how the producers thought the “fast stuff” trend was gonna last a lot longer than it did. But the genre will be revived, kinda like how disaster movies disappear and come back.

    tinymontgomery: Nah, that guy is seriously demented. He’s the guy giving Nat fans a bad name. No wonder she doesn’t respond to her fan base.

  • yodan says:

    Let me see. I clicked on the October New York Daily News link. To your right. Thats where I saw it.
    ok, alright, I`m done too. Does that bother you? The Jewish thing, exo?—I dunt kno.

  • yodan says:

    oh yeah. Any of you “poster-children” live in nyc? I need to find out what I can about a place called ARLENES GROCERY.

    I thought it might be right where the Wetlands Preserve used to be. Though I think I`m wrong.

    Any help? It would be great.-Yodan

  • yodan says:

    Hmmmm…. This is a strange message board.