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Before we get started, I need a favour. Drop your pants…ok, no, wait…I have another favour first. I need to talk to someone who has had some experience in selling things online. I’m not talking about Ebay auctions and the like. I’m talking about setting up a site where people have to pay to view it, or where you’ve sold naughty pics or books or music or mugs or body parts…whatever.

If you think you might be able to help, please send me a line.

Now let’s rock the Nat news.

The big news today is a bunch of new pics from a great series of photos. Chloie made the great find and Melody has updated the gallery. My favourite is the screaming pic…or the bench pic…or the walking in front of the wall pic. So awesome.

Melody also added a gallery for some small new pics of Nat strolling in Spain while eating candy cigarettes 😉

And Penguin found some other new pics of Nat. Unfortunately she clearly wasn’t wanting her pic taken. Cheer up Nat, you always look great. Especially standing next to guys like that.

Orionsaint sent in a couple caps of Nat from her brief appearance in one of the ROTS doccies. Click here and here.

The official V for Vendetta site has updated with the new posters as well as some great desktops of them. Thanks to Jen R.

This article, sent in by Mike, is incredible. It’s a review of Closer (I think) but it has this remarkable attack on Natalie for the modern day sexualization of young girls. Personally, I just found it funny. But I’m sure a number of you might get a bit heated under the collar.

Maybe we should do an editorial (it’s been long enough). Is there some truth to the article’s point? If not, why not? Send me a line and if there are enough responses I’ll set up an editorial.

Loleia was kind enough to send in scans from the new Spanish Glamour. Nothing really new but some nice pics all the same.

Article in Spanish
One of the Parade pics. Sweet.
More article and misc pics

I was going to update the poll but if it’s okay by you (and lets face it, what you gonna do about it?) I’ll do that tomorrow cos I’m a bit tired.

And finally, a little bit of fanart.

Shassy sent in 3 new wallpapers. One, Two and Three.

And Debby sent in this fanart.

Good night and good luck.


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  • omgzrachel says:

    The photographs from Israel are really beautiful. The paparazzi ones made me kind of sad. 🙁

  • math_grenades says:

    The Weekly Standard is a laughable right-wing publication, I’d expect nothing less then them condemning Portman’s “sad legacy”. What a joke.

    Granted, her younger roles definitely had that lolita edge to them and the article does make a point of mentioning how her personal life was untouched by it inasmuch as she didn’t turn into a freakishly anorexic attention whore with the quickness of a Lindsay Lohan or someone similair. But pointing to a couple of film roles as the flashpoint for the modern ‘sexualization’ of young women is ridiculous – Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Paris Hilton have done a million times more damage to the psyches of little girls and young women then a Golden Globe winning Harvard graduate ever could, or has. If anything, Portman’s one of the best role models for young women today. But again, it’s the Weekly Standard, so I found myself chuckling while I read just like Dazza. Hard to take it seriously. Great fodder for an editorial tho.

  • preterNATural says:

    2 words regarding the Sonia Sieff pics: Good God.

    Too bad the Closer review is so old. Had I seen it when it came out, I would have sent the author and editors a piece of my mind. Talk about picking the WRONG actress to make an example out of…

  • minimaggit says:

    That article WAS very funny

    “OF COURSE, this isn’t entirely (or even mostly) Portman’s fault.”


    To even compare Lolita and Leon to Blue Lagoon.

    And what the hell is pedophilic with movie stars who are like 18? Christ.

  • Sak says:

    You were right about that hot collar Dazza. Nevertheless i won’t fall into the trap. But i will mark the obvious fact that the only thing this guy has achived with this article, is to fill two pages of dirt and hate against the work of widely accepted actors and directors, which he definetely does not comprehent, at the very least. An ignorant like him should do some other more creative work than miseducating people.

  • sanjiro says:

    this is what a grown up Mathilda should look like.

  • GAT says:

    I must say that those pictures are great, plus the pictures of natalie hiding her face is sad looking cause I beleive she is tyered of people taking her picture cause she needs a brake and cause were like bugs crawling over her body. like ant. terrible, cause that’s how actors feel.

    Also dazza, you haven’t mentioned about where people can vote for star wars from the star wars sight. natalie may not be in the voting list, but her movie now.

    her hair is also growing back, and I think she’ll have a part to vote in the 2006 MTV movie awards for sure.

    we better be prepared.

  • garthhudson says:

    I can’t help but think that the Weakly Standard piece (get it, weakly?) was shaped by Natalie’s campaigning for John Kerry last year. Just another example of liberal bias in the American media.

  • rafa says:

    i’m sorry for what i’m about to say, but sometimes natalie is so boring for her age. i don’t understand her, but there something i know she is not as good as the magazines and the media want her to appear. she is only a good actress that’s something no one can deny.

    i don’t know maybe it’s because i drank some beers before get home, but i prefer a girl like the one who plays veronica mars.

    any way maybe i will change my mind in a couple of days.

    smile fellows. bye.

  • loleia says:

    Okay, I know I should take these things with humour like Dazza does, but man, that article… Conservative, biased, uninformed, uninspired, alarmist, incredibly sexist, and absolutely disgusting. Urgh!

    That guy really needs to take it down a notch: most people when they saw Closer were shocked at the brutality of the dialogues, at the portrayal of relationships, and at the excellent work of the actors: Mr. Last was apparently just focusing on the fact that Nat plays a stripper and that the actors say filthy stuff to one another. Un – effing – believable.

    I think I’m gonna write something as an editorial…

    PS: the new pictures in the Sonia Sieff gallery are SO cute!!

  • billybob says:

    OMG, why did you make me read that article!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr >:-(

  • alrdygrownup says:

    I like how the article makes it sound controversial that a 16-year-old was cast as Lolita considering Sue Lyons was cast because she was just bridging the gap between child and adult. In fact, her casting was older for the character. hehe…gooood times.


  • adam says:

    yes i thing is all true in the aritcle. even now (and i am refering to closer) natalie cant escape from is image of a nice underage girl. shi is beautiful shi is so inocent and so small and imadiatly shi make you think shi need to be protected. you love shi like a father but deep inside you want her like an amant.and when shi appeare in closer in that bar when shi streap, you are thinking this is not natalie and forget that is a women now, a grow up women who can broke your heart:)and facet, that scene also make you have fantezis whit her not very clean. shi try to escape from image of a child but you dont let her. you think shi still the fathers girl but you are some kind of dirty father. is not her fault and the article try to help her. the fault is alwais on our side but no one of us can say this is a true fact. so, you all, let my girl alone… shi is mine, you understand! 🙂

  • loleia says:

    The only thing I agree with in that article is this:
    “no actress should have George Lucas held against her”
    So true.

  • Thea says:

    Very beautiful pictures from Israel.
    Will somebody translate this Spanis article?

  • mary helen says:

    Nat…if you’re reading this, i just wanna apologize for whoever took your pics w/out you wanting. Wasn’t me, but Sorry.

  • Sak says:

    The Kerry campaign. garthhudson has a point. It didn’t cross
    my mind. If this is true it only makes things worst for this
    weekly standard article writer.

  • MoRawk says:

    How come in some of the pics from Sonia Sieff the lips are mono, like smudged with a single colour ?? ..

  • nelliedrum says:

    This has always confused me…
    and I DONT like it.

    Those better be candy cigarettes

  • azur says:

    Oh man! That article is da shoe! It made me so ‘sad’ and in the same time kind of ‘agree’ with almost everything the dude says. Good one! In the end, the sad part is that indeed miss natalie portman did a lot of bad decision when it came to acting, but yet again that helped spred the word faster than a very good but abscure movie/part would have had.

  • J.K.B. says:

    The Weekly Standard is a neo-con rag and a joke, the article was about what I’d expect from them. Don’t pay them any mind.

  • pinkbubbles says:

    The article has some interesting things to say but it wasn’t well written. And the way they included Natalie was kind of random.