V for Vendetta has been seen

And just like that, all doubts go out the window.

The film was shown as part of Ain’t It Cool News’ annual BNAT movie marathon. In fact, it was the final film in the lineup. So far it has universal acclaim from the people who haven’t written into AICN about it.

Let’s start with Harry himself.

I was not prepared for V FOR VENDETTA. This is the most intense cinematic cry for Anarchy since A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. They made the comic. Alan Moore is a bitch for even thinking of bitching about this. It is fucking PERFECT! When you see them promoting it as UNCOMPROMISED VISION. That’s absolutely right. This thing doesn’t give two shakes of a pecker what the modern world is going to think. THEY NAILED IT! You never see V’s face. The voice – PERFECT. Natalie Portman – BRILLIANT. Everybody PERFECT. Adrian Biddle’s last film as DP is a revelation and a revolution! This was my favorite film of the festival. They finally fucking nailed ALAN MOORE! Wachowski’s – do WATCHMEN! PLEASE! When this film opens – this will be a political molotov cocktail. Absolutely fucking great! It isn’t the action film that the first MATRIX was – but it is easily a vastly more important and brilliant film.

Wow. That’s the best news I’ve heard all year.

Here’s the first of the other writeups.

I can’t wait to see how this shatters American audiences. Alan Moore’s graphic novel is adapted perfectly for the big screen and Natalie Portman knocks it out of the park with a performance of bravery and passion. Hugo Weaving was terrific as V. A damn near flawless movie that will rip audiences asunder.

Here is another one.

V for Vendetta, I thought was supposed to be released in September, but was delayed. This movie was so close to home, it was TRULY scary.

And here is the last report.

Hugo Weaving, first of all, did an excellent job as V, physically committed to the role at all times, and that great voice of his really allows him to overcome the inability to use his face at all, giving a really great performance. Natalie Portman does well with the Evey role, but Stephen Fry was the standout for me as Gordon Dietrich.

That’s it for now but there will be lots more reviews coming in and I’ll be back with those and more later.


Here’s another one.

V for Vendetta – This will be the most talked about film in 2006. Or, it will disappear in three weeks after release and be dismissed as a cult film for academics to dissect in the future. I believe that the media’s response to the messages in the film will decide it’s fate. Even how Warner Brothers decides to market the film will determine the legacy. If they follow a super hero/comic book marketing model and you see V on a lunch box, then I believe that the film’s impact will be hampered. But if they let the theater goers decide, then this film might prove to be an artistic endeavor that becomes a symbol for a revolution. Either way, every college campus needs to screen this film for our future leaders of the world. Fox News better get their responses ready, because this film is going to be a favorite topic of theirs for a long time.