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There is some more positive feedback from the V for Vendetta screening including this, the first full review. But be WARNED, there are HUGE spoilers. I’ll paste some of the important bits for those of you who haven’t read the graphic novel.

I think this is an extraordinarily important film, but the ad campaign that the WB is presenting at this time will make the film really hated by a lot of people. It’s not THE MATRIX. Strictly speaking, V FOR VENDETTA isn’t even an action film in the strictest sence. The action scenes it does have are few and only last a couple of minutes. For those having not read the book, V FOR VENDETTA is a brave film that tries to find the truth in our confusing times – what is our role in our government? And how much can we stand up to oppression before it becomes terrorism? It’s a film that definitely needs to be seen and discussed, especially in America and Britain, and I hope everyone that has a chance to see it does so and joins the great conversation about what freedom really means.

It is easily Natalie Portman’s best performance. I’m not a fan of hers. Say whatever you want about Lucas, but the actor also shares responsibility if they can’t sell their part to the audience and I thought she was terrible in most of the Prequel trilogy. Frankly the only part before this that I thought she was terrific in was THE PROFESSIONAL, and to a lesser degree, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. But in this Portman completely comes to her own as an actress. She breaks your heart, and at one point in the film, she really makes you feel her terror and sadness.

And here is another writeup of the event, which includes this…

I can’t even be glib about this film. This is an example of what the medium of film can do for a culture. The film picks you up and shakes you it rattles your brain and scores your soul with the indelible words: STAND UP. Natalie Portman is one of the most important actresses of our time. She plays with gender and societal norms without any thought to how she is going to “look”. This movie will go down as one of the most important films of our decade.

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And here’s another one. It’s also quite spoilerific so here are some selected comments.

Indeed. I’m only marginally familiar with the Alan Moore graphic novel, so I cannot compare, but I think it’s fair to whip out the phrase TOUR-DE-FORCE for this complete and utter masterpiece. This film literally had me shaking in my seat

The dialogue given to Hugo Weaving and the voice he gives back to it are a match made in cinema heaven, truly a thing to behold. His voice is the soundtrack, the velvet music that drives the film forward. Portman is also in top form, as is Stephen Rea, a frothing John Hurt, and just about everyone else onscreen.

The release date isn’t until MARCH, but she looked finished to me, and no one better cut a goddamned frame. I’m so afraid that some cowering suit is going to butcher this thing before release. RELEASE THIS MOVIE EXACTLY HOW IT IS. Release it next week. Fight the good fight on the press junket and in the media shitstorm, not behind the closed doors of studio offices. FREEDOM! FOREVER!

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