Kris and Sanji feel old

By January 10, 2006Site-news

Kris mailed me this last night:

So are we officially the old guys when you read
stuff like “As a kid, I would check there everyday.”…

Sanji sent this today:

Holy Crap, DAZZA. that girl that you hired on said she used to read the site when she was a kid. We live in a world where adults used to read the site AS KIDS. this is too much.

Thankfully I still feel footloose and fancy free. Whatever that means.

Anyway, let’s update this bitch!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was sent the script to Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and I wrote a little editorial to (hopefully) give you guys a better idea of what it’s all about. I didn’t want to give away too much or get into too many details but if you want to go in super fresh you should probably give it a miss.

It’s been years since I updated the poll so, finally, here is a new one.

And here are the results of the last poll.

What do you think of Natalie’s english accent in the new V for Vendetta trailer?

Haven’t heard it yet. 41.85% (403 votes)

There’s not enough to tell yet. 23.26% (224 votes)

It’s okay. I doubt it’ll be a problem. 17.76% (171 votes)

Sounds very authentic. 11.84% (114 votes)

Sounds like Dick Van Dyke. 4.05% (39 votes)

A bunch of you mailed me about Nat appearing on Mr Blackwell’s Best dressed list. He’s more famous for his worst dressed list, which you can find over here.

Just a little addendum to that possible Wes-Nat sighting in Paris. Matthias sent me this sighting:

Hey Dazza, i didn’t tell you about that cause i didn’t get any confirmation about it on your site but now that i read it….there is a restaurant in Paris where my best friend’s sister swears to have seen Nat about two weeks ago. She described her to me and now there are others “reports”, it seems my friend’s was right. Damn i didn’t see her! Apparently an older couple joined her at the table and they stayed in the restaurant more than the lunch time. And they all were speaking english. 🙂

And now for a bit of fanart.

Remy sent in these two cool wallpapers. Click here and here.

And Alexander also sent in a very nice wallaper. Widescreen and normal.

And finally, somebody sent in a WONDERFUL Nat calendar for 2006. The choices and framing of the pics is wonderful. If you sent this in please email me your name so I can give you proper credit.
UPDATE – His hame is Jorrit.

Here it is…


Whew. How’s that for an update?


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  • exo says:

    i like the calendar. it is the best one yet for 2006.

  • flash_smb says:

    December rules

  • cata says:

    Too big images to download quickly….(at least in my “super slow” computer)…..

  • Avion says:

    Woah! Very wonderful calendar. I like the choose of photos that the author made.

    I’m gonna print it and put it on my wall.

  • Juiceharpboy says:

    Ha, none of you are old. Anyway, swell update+poll.

  • alrdygrownup says:

    Can’t wait to see her in a Bright Eyes shirt.

  • Sak says:

    Sanjiro and Kris: Cheer up guys. Physical age has nothing to do with real age. If you feel young and alive then that’s what you are. Nat said once in one of her interviews around the “Beautiful Girls” era, that kids are adults with insufficient experience. That makes us kids with sufficient experience.

  • dazza says:

    “Can’t wait to see her in a Bright Eyes shirt.”

    Heh, I actually thought of you when I read it.

  • JoseChung says:

    “Woah! Very wonderful calendar.”

    Noooooooo!! Aaaaaahhhh!!

    You crazy web-people and your woahs. All eighty million of you. Bloody hell. In my day, it used to be whoa. WHOA.

    *sigh* *mourns for the slow and gory death of English*

    Okay, carry on.

  • Thea says:

    The best calendar ever! I love it and i’m going to print it an put it on my wall. Well done anyway.

  • Avion says:

    Hey man.

    I am NOT english-speaking, so let me write wrong, ok?