Goya, IMAX and Vogue


Let’s kick things off with some new pics. All courtesy of Chloie.

The first batch are from the Goya’s Ghost set.

Balcony 1
Balcony 2
Balcony 3
Balcony 4
Balcony 5
Balcony 6
Balcony 7
Balcony 8
Balcony 9
Balcony 10
Balcony 11
Balcony 12
Balcony 13
Balcony 14

And now a few Hi Res versions.


The next few are a bit spoilerish.

Ugly 1
Ugly 2
Ugly 3
Ugly 4
Ugly 5

And finally, some more of those Barney’s pics.

Beverly Hills 1
Beverly Hills 2
Beverly Hills 3
Beverly Hills 4
Beverly Hills 5

Moving on to some news…

Andrea found a little blurb mention a new cover for Vogue on the horizon. Please let it be a mohawk shoot. PUH-LEASE!

If you don’t like NATALIE PORTMAN’s shoes, blame it on the animal kingdom. A source tells me that Portman was recently photographed by CRAIG McDEAN for an upcoming cover of Vogue magazine. But I hear that stylists had a somewhat difficult time finding shoes for the 24-year-old starlet because she demanded that she only wear animal-friendly attire. Designer frocks like Prada weren’t hard to find, but shoes were another story. “All the good shoes have some sort of leather,” a source explains. “The only things they could find for her were things like ugly cork wedges.” Portman’s rep insists there were plenty of great shoes to choose from, including picks from Stella McCartney and a London-based company, Beyond Skin. “Natalie has always been all about animal-friendly,” the rep says. “It’s always no suede, no leather, no animal hides.” In the past, Vogue Editor-in-Chief ANNA WINTOUR hasn’t taken too kindly to animal-rights activist celebs. Years ago, a cover with ‘Charlie’s Angels’ stars DREW BARRYMORE, CAMERON DIAZ and LUCY LIU was nixed because Wintour despised Barrymore’s animal-friendly clothing. Barrymore eventually apologized and has since appeared on the magazine’s cover, including the current issue. In one shot, she’s posing with — of all things — a cow.


And Cal has some great news for Nat fans, V for Vendetta is to get the IMAX treatment, just a couple weeks after it’s normal release. Click here to read the story.

And finally, a little bit of fanart. I’m shocked that we haven’t gotten boatloads of fanart for Nat’s GG appearance. Tsk tsk.

Shassy sent in this wallaper and this calendar for Feb.

And Ryan sent in this Nat sketch.

Seeya soon.