Superbowl trailer for V

This is from the official V for Vendetta site. Thanks to Thierry.

So, you want a bit more Vendetta, do you? Fine. We can oblige. How about Sunday.

Here’s the deal: we’re releasing here at the site a few hundred new images in sequence with concurrent audio taken from the movie. For those with the resolution and fast enough computers, we’ll be including a version in high definition. That’s this Sunday. While likely just a coincidence, this Sunday also marks a fairly big annual event for commercials, which some say is really just breaks between a game of football. There are plenty of details of this for those who know where to look. For us, we’ll stick with the commercials.

We said Sunday, right?

So, if I understand correctly, a new trailer to air during the Superbowl and a copy for download on the site.