A couple more things for tonight.

Times has an interesting article/interview with Natalie, which has some fresh info. Like how she doesn’t cry in real life and how she hates sites and magazines that rank women…perhaps now would be a bad time to remind you to vote in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Poll…yeah…

Anyway, here it is. Thanks to Amidoll and Mart.

There’s also a really good review of V at Comic Book Resources. It might go into a bit too much detail for some so here are a few spoiler free excerpts.

The performances by the actors are impeccable. I thought Natalie Portman?s accent started out too posh and awkward, but she eased into it as the movie progressed. The scene where she finally breaks down is the most difficult scene any actress could ever be given and it?s here that Portman shows the true depth of her talent and craft, being every bit as wrenching as the book.

If I were to talk about the movie in its own right, I would say that this is an accomplished, surprisingly edgy and provocative mainstream thriller with some points to make about terrorism and whether violent rebellion is justified to overthrow a fascist system.

The movie version of ?V For Vendetta? doesn?t ?destroy? the graphic novel. It was made with sincere respect for the source material, without cynical commercialism, but the sentiment still applies: If you want to see an action movie with thrills and spills and Big Explosions, that asks some moral and political questions, then this is the one for you. But if you want something more complex and challenging, the original graphic novel is intact and there for people who want to discover the original and pure, unfettered version of the story.

Thanks to Lurking.