If you’re a top of the class student of you’d know that Caleb is the guy who does our banners. Well, he’s broken up with me – “I’ve got to move on”. So I had a little cry. And then burnt all his stuff. Listened to some Alanis. And now I’m ready to move on.

So, here’s the idea. A competition. We’re looking for a V for Vendetta banner so if you think you’ve got the skills, send in your best effort (in the correct dimensions) and I’ll put them up for you guys to vote for which one we should use.

This weekend is Natalie’s big SNL appearance. We’ll need someone to record and encode the show so if you’re able to, please let me know. Fan 11 has some info on something else to look out for…

The SNL promo with Nat saying “Hi I’m Natalie Portman and I’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live this week
with musical guest….” should be airing on NBC affiliates all of next week (2/27-3/2). I can tell you that 90% of the
time during ER on Thursday (10:00pm E.S.T.) that the SNL promo runs for that particular week’s show, so you may want to
have someone on standby to tape it and download for the site (I don’t have that capability).

And, finally, here is a new spoiler free review of V for Vendetta.