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Electricity don’t fail me now.

Orionsaint spotted that SNL ad I told you guys to look out for.

I saw the SNL ad. Natalie was wearing a bring pink sweat shirt her short hair was spiked up. She looked real 80’s. Fallout boys was behind her.

Natalie says, “Tune in Star Wars fans, watch me makeout with C3PO.” One of the Fallout Boy members says. “Yeah, but that skit isn’t gonna make the show.” Natalie says, “who says it was a skit?” Then the fallout boys put their hands on there faces with surprise looks. It was cute.

Hopefully someone will be able to encode that for us.

Remember Domino One? Well Jose Angry got in contact with the makers and this is the update they sent him.

“the film is being finalized for the cannes film market
in may, and should be available on dvd shortly thereafter. thank you very much for your interest, the domino one team”

I still don’t know what to think about it. Do you?

Here are the results of the last poll.

Which of these recent magazine shoots is your favourite?

Vogue 39% (282 votes)

EW 38.45% (278 votes)

Vanity Fair 21.02% (152 votes)

Wow, I’m surprised Vogue pipped EW to the win. To reaffirm how great the EW pics are, Chloie found some different versions from the set.


Empire UK have posted their review of V. 4/5 but a bit of a diss for Nat…

“Portman?s accent flounders, trembling painfully at every vowel enunciation.”

And here are some scans from a feature in the magazine.


Thanks to Amo for that and for…

Natalie comes in at 38 (previously 48) in Glamour (UK) magazine?s best-dressed of 2005 poll. They have a little Oscars pic and an accompanying quote from Will Young, the first winner of the first Pop Idol: ?Natalie?s so elfin-like and yet always manages to look effortlessly stylish.?

As much as it pains me to include news from Clone…

In the april issue of the australian empire magazine (out now), natalie was interviewd and one of the questions was this shown on page 73.

Empire:what would you like to do before you die?
natalie: what, besides do more press junkets? Um, um, um, I’d like to have kids…

Any volunteers?

That’s it for tonight. Check back later this weekend for details on a competition and coverage of Nat’s SNL appearance.


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