SNL promo here


Bryan sent in a clip of the SNL ad and DAMN, Nat looks hot.


While Orionsaint has news on another ad.

Hey Daz, I saw a different one during Leno this evening. Natalie looks the same and I hadn’t notice till now, her shirt says INSPI-(RED), cute lol and Fallout Boy are behind her again. She says, “Hi I’m Natalie Portman and I’ll be hosting SNL tomorrow with musical guest Fallout Boy. Oooh It’s Oscar Week and they got everyone at NBC gift bags.” Then she takes out a gold bag and reaches in and it’s Cheese Whiz, lol. She says, “Mmm Spray Cheese”.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get that one as well.


And some important news from Celiana.

According to Yahoo’s TV Page, Natalie will be on UPN’s Entertainers on March 12 and on the Late Show with David Letterman on March 14.

Nat on Letterman. What a shock.