hey man slowdown


There’s a lot to get through so this is going to be as succinct as possible.

We’re still experiencing problems with the server so the site might be very slow at times. We’re looking into it so hopefully it can be fixed soon.

In TV news, Nat is on TRL and Letterman today. And apparently she’ll also be on Charlie Rose and the Daily show tomorrow. We should also have the Good Morning America clip up shortly.

And Sci Fi Channel is airing V for Vendetta:Behind the Mask at 11pm this thursday. Thanks to SJ and Padme058.

And now it’s time to call an end to the banner poll.

Which is your favourite banner?

Banner 10 – Tito 22.55% (251 votes)

Banner 2 – Brishen 14.02% (156 votes)

Banner 3 – Celina 12.94% (144 votes)

Banner 1 – Amy 11.59% (129 votes)

Banner 8 – Sydney 9.7% (108 votes)

Banner 7 – Loleia 8.09% (90 votes)

Banner 9 – Thomas 7.1% (79 votes)

Banner 5 – Jenny 6.11% (68 votes)

Banner 4 – Jason 5.39% (60 votes)

Banner 6 – Kate 1.89% (21 votes)

Congrats to Tito and the winning banner. The final tally is a little suspicious but hopefully everything was legit. The banner will be added to the site’s rotation soon and Tito has won himself a V poster.

For the record, Brishen and Amy were my favourites and I’m speaking to them about redoing all NP.com’s banners in the near future.

And here is our new poll.

Now onto the news…

– Emma sent in a scan of the Rolling Stone review of V. 3 and a half stars.

– The Hot Blog has a look at a negative V review from Newsweek.

– Yet another interview with Nat about V. This time from ComingSoon. Thanks to Amo.

– Australian and New Zealand fans may want to get the new issue of FilmInk, which has V and Nat as the cover story.

– If you had trouble streaming Unscripted, you can download it from here. Thanks to Ana.

– Some might remember this bracket contest for your fav female celebs from last year. It’s quite a fun format and if you enjoy that sorta thing, go for it.

And finally, some fanart.

Amy sent in a fantastic V wallpaper.

And Nils sent in a bunch of wallpapers using the new VF pics.

1.1 1.2
2.1 2.2
3.1 3.2
4.1 4.2
5.1 5.2

Whew. Seeya.