TRL, letterman, Columbia


Nat was on TRL yesterday (wearing a t-shirt I never thought I’d see her wear) and Chloie sent in a bunch of pics. We’ll hopefully have the video soon but until then enjoy the gallery. Really cool look, dontcha think?

Nat was also on Letterman last night and thanks to Sanjiro, Sak and myself we were able to get the World Patrol Kids tape from Greece to CBS in just a couple days, for them to use a clip on the show. We’ll hopefully also have that video soon and a proper gallery. But here are some wireimage pics of her arrival until then. Thanks to Nat-ah-lee. That’s her 11th appearance on the show guys. The place is like her second home.

And there is now a clip of Nat teaching at Columbia for MTVU. I can only get the audio but I’ll see if Mart can rip it for download. Thanks to Lorena.

And finally, here’s another review of V, which is notable because its my favourite critic.

I’ll be back with more later.