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CJ just sent me a link to the Charlie Rose clip on google video. It is a MUST SEE for Nat fans. Its not funny or cute but it’s a real thought provoking and insightful discussion. Something I hoped the MTVU clip would have been.

Update: Mart here… you can also download the clip from the filefront server for keeps if you like

I wish more interviews could be like that and the Actors Studio appearance.

Also, Rhiana (winner of the essay), please email me.


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  • Jeroen says:

    That was just great.

  • Bloody Fork says:

    GREAT interview on Charlie Rose. I’m so glad to see actual intelligent questions. Interviews like that that make her seem more approachable and human.

  • JenR1215 says:

    DAMN V4V in 19hrs!!!!

    This is so nerve-racking, lol

  • preterNATural says:

    It was an intelligent discussion about the movie, but I was disappointed that we didn’t get to hear her talk about topics not relating directly to V. The interview could have been a lot longer, as it is with many other actors on that show.

  • JusSumGuy says:

    You think maybe Charlie could let her finish her answers before he asks another question? She seemed a bit nervous but good job anyway.

  • theoldtree says:

    Hmm, I wonder if Natalie would consider me family. Because I would love to have her kicking ass to protect me. But if she did, that’d pretty much kill my chances at a date. I’m really torn.

  • Lynda says:

    natalie, if ur listening…hello? well n e way u should go on rove live coz its cool and funny and i live in new zealand and dont get to see n e of the live appearances u do 🙁


    im gona keep asking until sum1 answers!

  • flash_smb says:

    Love the new V banners

  • stephwutever says:

    great interview! thx!

  • magpi312 says:

    I can’t load the GMA and TRL clips from filefront, I keep getting an error. Any other way yo view these?

  • nicole414 says:

    I know this is off topic for this particular update, but during the LETTERMAN show, did it not look like she was about to say “gay cowboy”? I thought that was funny.

  • nimbuschick says:

    Awesome. So it just asks questions, like the book. She straddled the line of appealing to republicans AND democrats quite well.

  • kava says:

    I have to say that interviews like that make others a complete waste of time!
    Excellent stuff for the fans!
    It’s been a long time any interview actually put my hands under my chin just watching!

    maybe because I’ am a big Wac fan too!, BTW on the Matrix revisited DVD you have some good insights on how the Wac’s work, and you can actually SEE them!(can you believe it? I guess too only for fans…)
    very interesting stuff for any movie production fan! I bought the DVD in 2003 somewhere before Reloaded launched. They also elaborated the Bullet time techniques of David Guetta, the martial arts training of Reeves/Weaving/Fishburne and Moss as well as Owen Patterson’s set design, who is clearly visible in VforV too!

    This movie will be an awesome ride with practically 90% of the Matrix crew in it!
    I guess only the Kung-fu trainers from Hong-kong and the model makers are not involved this time! 😉

    BTW, Daz, how’s the HD?
    I can’t get in touch with that programmer dude who knows your program…
    I’ am leaving to the Middle East for work this weekend and I won’t be back in Europe for a few months though…
    Hope it’s ok!

  • clone says:

    I want to say if anyone wants natalie on rove live, email rove now from his sight which is and tell him to bring her onto his show. I have.

    australia has so far gone to the top of the ladder in the commenwealth games with scotland behind and newzeland won last nights rugby game. it was cool.

    I am the aussieguy mate.

  • just another fan says:

    It’s this kind of interviews that separate Natlie from most of the other actors.

  • Lights Out says:

    If you like thought provoking interviews, a good show to try is Tavis Smiley which is also on PBS and usually comes on after Charlie Rose, depending on what part of the country your in. It would be a great show for Ms. Portman to be on but I think they film it in L.A.

  • nils says:

    Yeah, really a good interview. It’s good to see that there still are interviews without sentences like “You are soo beautiful” every second minute.


    just kidding, i never was there but here in germany when you ask a guy about which country he would like to live in, New Zealand is on the top countrys – even for me. I think Lord of the Rings made a great advertisement for that country.