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Hi again

On the eve of V for Vendetta’s opening (at least for you peeps in north america), let me just tell you that we will be putting up a poll and an editorial to gauge opinions, but these will only be up in a week or 2 when it should have opened in most of the world. Until then, you may post brief thoughts about the film in the comments section but no full reviews and definitely no spoilers.

Ok, lets see what we’ve got today. CJ has helped us out by providing clips for the Letterman and TRL appearances. Head over to the video section to check them out. We will also have last nights appearance on the Daily Show soon but I don’t think we have anyone to help us with Charlie Rose yet. It was apparently a really good interview so hopefully someone out there can encode it.

Nikki found an article about the publicity side of V and how so much of it has rested on Nat’s little shoulders. You’ll need to regsiter to see it though.

And finally, a couple pieces of fanart.

Roger F sent in a nice simple headshot wallpaper.

And Amy sent in another wallpaper herself.

That’s it for now.


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  • tito says:

    The Charlie Rose interview was awesome. The two of them got into such an amazing discussion about terrorism and politics and ugh… I am putty in her educated hands.

    Also, I don’t know what other cities are doing this but I’m sure there are a bunch… Seattle is showing V for Vendetta tonight at 10 in 3 local theatres… in case you missed it last week when they showed it on the UW Campus 🙂

  • nimbuschick says:

    That makes total sense. I don’t think a lot of actresses would be articulate as well as careful enough about their words to promote this movie. Natalie does a good job comforting audiences and making it clear that this isn’t an anti-Bush movie. She’s intelligent sounding when she does it too, which makes it easier for the educated movie-goer to trust her.

  • preterNATural says:

    The Charlie Rose interview was disappointing. He has actors like Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx come on for an entire hour and talk about truely stupid things – Brad Pitt talked about architecture for at least 10 minutes, for example, and Jamie Foxx went on and on about how “blessed” he was to be partying in his mansion with his good friends. NP got 15 minutes of airtime sandwiched between two insignificant book promotions. No mention of her Academy Award nomination or any other part of her remarkable 12+ year career.

  • clone says:

    I like the banners and I think it would be great if dazza did arrange to have us make more banners of natalie from star wars, mars attacks,etc just like how we did it for V for vendetta.

    I just got a picture of natalie in my phone today.

    hey dazza where’s that article I emailed to you about people allowing to vote for natalies charactor padme?

    she’ll be at this years MTV movie awards.

    I hope she poses as if she’s trying to stop hayden and ewan from dueling each other again.

    I wonder how George Lucas is going to make a CGI version of natalie in a remake of Star Wars Clone Wars.

    there doing it now.

  • nine_iron69 says:

    I just got home from the “special engagement” of Thursday night’s showing of “V”. I only have three words – Nat is amazing! The theatre was packed solid and the overall response seemed to be most positive.
    I live in the Toronto area and I am hoping to catch a glimpse (or more) of Nat when she’s in town at the end of the month for the filming of Mr. M’s Wonder Emporium……I would be so lucky! 🙂
    p.s. love this site – couldn’t live without it!