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WE HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

A big thanks to Roger F and MaD for these new candids of Nat on the Magoriums set. A little fuzzy but hella cute.




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  • preterNATural says:


  • JenR1215 says:

    That guy makes me feel short, man. lol

    … Hey, purple shoes!

  • cat says:

    beautiful. it’s nice to see that she’s gained some weight since the golden globes (which was quite scary)

  • clone says:

    those pictures are great, and one of them looks like natalie is saying she forgot to bring charlie with her.

    I wonder what she’ll get her mother for mothers day?

  • Mely_B says:

    It was waiting for the news, now I can be calm thanks to Roger. Natalie is seen well.

  • magpi312 says:

    Wow. She looks so adorable I can hardley stand it. That outfit is SO freaking cute on her.

  • Rafael says:

    tnx foк pics!
    very very good photos! Natalie is beautiful

  • clone says:

    you can easyily take a picture of it into your mobil phone if its got a camera inserted to it. I did number 3.

    I hope she has her hair like that for ever. it suits her.

  • balsho says:

    Are those naturally fuzzy like that cause it looks like a photoshop effect? I say this cause the content is sooo steller it would be great to have them unblurry and clearer.

    thanks reguardless.

  • julien_dewaer says:

    Who’s the guy anyway?

  • MoRawk says:

    hey thats not a little fuzzie, that just may be the tvelwe year old kid again =P

    cool how she remind me of an old friend that i worked with, has the exact bodyposture and size..

    Well Peace Out then

  • kerryoke68 says:

    Julien, The guy with Natalie is her bodyguard. The blonde woman is her personal assistant.

  • C. bratonanonaluski says:

    wow how can she get even more beautiful every day. it really isn’t fair

  • julien_dewaer says:

    Girls like her litterally give hope to all of mankind (at least that’s what we gurgonites think of her ; )

  • clone says:

    her hair seems to be turning into blond. must be cause of the sun’s raise.