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Maverick sent me an email about ET having mentioned Nat and Jake Gyllenhaal being seen together. But now Marie has found evidence of the fact. Does this mean anything? Who knows. They were spotted together 4 years ago (Such cute pics) and that didn’t seem to pan out to anything. Whatever the state of their relationship, they seem happy and that’s nice to see.


Celiana just sent in some hi res pics from their meeting. Love that last pic.


Sonoyta found some more casting news for Blueberry Nights. It seems Ed Harris and Kevin Spacey might be on board as well.

Nel found an interesting Nat blurb in a book. Here’s the scoop:

Natalie was referenced in an actual piece of literature, Party Princess, the latest installment of Meg Cabot’s best-selling young adult series The Princess Diaries, as one of the top ten women “too pretty to live” (or “Women Who Are Too Beautiful to Live and Should Be Sent Away to Live With One Another on a Deserted Island So The Rest of Us Can Stop Feeling So Inadequate”) among other Hollywood beauties such as Nicole Kidman, Angeline Jolie, Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba and more. The excerpt:

“6) Natalie Portman. I guess you WOULD need to cast someone really beautiful to play Princess Leia’s mother. Still. Did they HAVE to cast someone so impossibly beautiful that she even makes those horrible lines in Attack of the Clones –
the part where Amidala and Anakin are rolling down that hill with the stupid cow things – sound smart? Sure, Natalie’s tried to redeem herself playing indie roles that don’t require vinyl bodysuits. But it doesn’t matter how many colors you dye your hair, Ms. Portman. We still think you’re too pretty to live.”
~ Party Princess, Meg Cabot

Jose does comic strips and his most recent one involves someone we might all recognize. Be warned, its a bit naughty. Its in Spanish so here’s a rough translation. I’m sure a bit gets lost in translation but hey, Nat’s in a shower and thats good enough for me.

Hello I am Natalie Portman and I am going to take a shower.

What are you doing?

The new strip.

Remind me that I never let you do more strips



Honey found a youtube montage of Nat clips, which is quite fun.

And finally, some fanart.

Dante sent in two variations of a wallpaper. Click here and here.

And Craig came up with this while checking the symmetry of Nat’s face.



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  • JenR1215 says:

    I haven’t really seen that many picture of Nat and Jake, but from that new on and the ones from 2002, they seem like they are such goof balls around each other, lol.

    You never see her frown when she is around him. 🙂

  • Anita says:

    Actually, the thing with Jake and Nat is that they’ve been very close friends for years. They have both said that they are like brother and sister. So, don’t get your hopes up people.

  • exo says:

    woah man i thought gael was living with her.
    this is all getting so confusing.
    plus i don’t really think the flowers mean much.
    aren’t they long time friends?

  • shelley says:

    oh my god! it wasn’t true. nat is back with JAKE GYLLENHAAL not with gael!!! what’s that?

  • remedios says:

    good news… but the little comic is “dirty” and like you said dazza naughty.!

  • preterNATural says:

    Jake…dude…(shakes head in disappointment)…What’s up with the convenience store bouquet? You’re rich, she’s Natalie Portman. Friends/lovers/gag/no gag – the flowers should befit a queen, ya cheeseball. 🙂

    The pic with the 2 bald guys is begging for a funny caption.

  • poutchy says:

    Seems the photos from this year and from 4 years ago were taken at exactly the same time of year (around May 26th).

    Could this be on his birthday, or some date of importance to both of them?

  • dazza says:

    Maybe they have a pre portmania celebration.

  • exo says:

    very smart poutchy.

  • m5lover says:

    i think this time its a little different. i heard that jake is moving to lower manhattan soon. if thats turn than he and nat will probably be seeing a lot more of each other. they make a cute couple but i get more of a really close friend vibe. they have know each other since 1998 i think.

  • ·ShadaX· says:

    Awesome symmetry!…btw, nat looks lovely on the pics with gyllenhaal.