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Hard to follow up todays earlier update but I’ll try.

Here are the results of the last poll.

The (rumoured) new release date for Magorium is…

A minor annoyance 51.79% (260 votes)

Probably for the best 29.88% (150 votes)

A travesty 17.53% (88 votes)

And here is our new indecisive poll.

Eric and Jonah sent in (what I guess would be called a teaser poster) a one sheet for Blueberry Nights from Cannes.

Here are some site updates.

Blueberry added to filmography page

Rumoured projects page updated

Walking dog in TO gallery added
V4V press conference gallery updated
Magorium set gallery added

Thanks to Melody.



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  • cbridger says:

    Hey – Just wanted to let you know that I saw Nat and Dustin Hoffman performing their rolls for “Emporium” last night on set in Toronto. THey were wroking from about 10PM until 3AM filming a scene on the Boardwalk. It looks pretty weird.. hopefully!

  • rogerfxx says:

    The V4V link is broken.

    Don’t you test these things?