If you saw yesterdays update you would have seen the rumour that Nat might be up for a role in the adaptation of The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay. I picked up the book today but someone mailed me their thoughts on it, as well as a plot breakdown.

Oh man, i am so fucking exhausted. From today, and because i love this book so much that every time we get a bit of news about the adap, i swear it actually HURTS! (hey, true love does…). So arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i really can’t say all the things that deserve to be said about it. Have you really not read it? GET IT NOW! It is truly a fabulous book. Rosa is truly a fabulous part, and although i typically don’t reveal to much about my real life online, if i can’t play this part (so now you know…), let it be Nat!

I mean, what a character! What a role! Seriously, i swear this is the choicest of roles in current cinema.

Pretty enthusiastic. Now for the plot breakdown – divided into minor and major spoilers.

Basically, depending on how far the film follows the book, you see Rosa begin as a sensous “foul-mouthed flower of bohemia”, jewish-american, commercial artist who sneaks surreal details into her images without her boss’ knowledge. In her spare time she volunteers at a charity who rescue kids from nazi-occupied Europe (it’s during WW2).

She meets and falls in love with a czech immigrant cartoonist (the Mr Kavalier of the title), and forms a deep bond with his gay cousin (the Mr Clay of the title).

Her boyfriend develops a cartoon character based on her: Luna Moth a shy but hugely buxom librarian by day, who is transformed into a moth-winged superhero. It’s sexy, and just a little bit obscene: that’s the point.


Rosa falls pregnant, and just before prosposing to her, her boyf joins the navy and leaves. They have no contact, she marries his cousin (they’ve added a wedding scene into the film, the author talked about it on his site, even tho it’s not in the book). They raise her son relatively happy together. She makes her living as Rose Clay, and becomes an innovator among women cartoonists.

Many years later (giving Nat a opportuniuty to play older) Kavlier returns. I swear this is one of the most incredible endings. Dont worry there’s none of that, “walks in through the door, she drops everything and they lives happily ever after crap”. This is, i think the only novel i’ve ever read where the last line made me go back and rethink the whole thing. I mean, it even makes you think more deeply about the title.

Another interesting comment was this.

Also, Nat isn’t greatly into nudity, is she? Wheras i was hoping to see the scene where he shaves the butterfly into her pubic hair. That is just so beautiful.


Anyway, it certainly sounds like it has some huge fans and I am very curious.

On to a couple other things…

Melissa sent in two pics of Nat shopping in Toronto (on May 29) from the magazine Scoop. Click here and here.

And Defamer has this cute little blurb.

Spotted Pig tonight, all of Radiohead, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Natalie Portman who was a big hit with Radiohead and Jay-Z.

Thanks to Amidoll.