way to go sweden


I haven’t been ignoring you, its just been very quiet the last few days. But lets at least reboot the poll and see what other scraps I can find.

Lets start with the poll. Its based on that Kavalier and Clay rumour. I got the book on the weekend so I’ll post my thoughts in a week or so. 100 pages in and its not nearly as strange as it sounded.

So, head over here to vote.

Here are the results of the previous poll.

Which Radiohead song would Nat have enjoyed most last night?

Who the hell are Radiohead? 40.41% (238 votes)

Paranoid Android 20.03% (118 votes)

No Surprises 10.7% (63 votes)

Everything In Its Right Place 9.51% (56 votes)

Just 7.81% (46 votes)

Pyramid Song 5.6% (33 votes)

National Anthem 4.75% (28 votes)

Yay Paranoid Android. A link for RH fans and a link for those who don’t know who Radiohead are and want to hear the song that got the most votes.

Nat made a pretty big jump in Askmen’s 99 most desirable women list. She cracked the top 10 this year. Thanks to Amy.

Melissa sent in another newspaper pic of Nat in Toronto.

And finally, Amazing Andy found this blurb about a shoe designer who desperately wants a testimonial from Nat. For the record, I would gladly give a testimonial for some free shoes. Hell, free anything really.